11 Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Smart Ring

11 Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Smart Ring

Smart rings are a new type of tech gadget in the market that claims to offer a variety of new features and benefits.


When choosing a ring, consider its design an essential factor that fits your style.



When it comes to rings, the perfect fit is crucial for accurate health metrics.

Size and Fit


A ring's inner material should be hypoallergenic and sturdy while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Build Quality


Check your smart ring manufacturer's privacy policy. Ensure that your health data is only shared securely and with your consent.

Data Privacy


Ensure your phone is compatible with the smart ring and connect it via Bluetooth. The ring's app allows for data viewing and customization.



When choosing a smart ring, consider its battery life and how its functions can affect it. Typically, a smart ring's battery lasts between 4 and 7 days.

Battery Life


When searching for a smart ring, prioritize the desired features, such as Activity Tracking, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, and Workout Tracking.



A smart ring must be water-resistant and waterproof up to 50m, otherwise one will have to take it out every time one goes for a bath.

Water resistance


Smart rings range from $50 to $400 ( Rs 3,500 - Rs 30,000) based on features and materials. Consider both when choosing one.



Check the warranty and return policy before buying a smart ring to account for potential glitches in new models.



When buying a smart ring for health monitoring, check customer reviews for brands like BoAt and Noise for insight on what to expect and data accuracy.

Accuracy & Insights