• 10:04 Oct 16, 2019


Top 5 Laptops & Tablets Gadgets

Top 5 laptops under Rs 50,000, October 2017

Let’s take a look at the top 5 laptops under Rs 50,000 available in the Indian market right now.

Top 5 Laptops under Rs 30,000, August 2017

If you are looking to buy your first laptop or have just entered your university, here are our top 5 laptops available for Rs 30,000 or less.

Top 5 Budget laptops in India, July 2018

Being the most sought-after deuces in technology, we decided to handpick some of the best budget laptops you can buy right now. Here’s a list of budget-centric laptops that you’ll be able to afford for around Rs 40,000, all of which offer a combination of performance, display, build and design.

Top 5 online tablet deals

There are many top of the line tablets that have recently become cheaper, and are now on our list. Here is our pick.

Top 5 upcoming tablets

Eyeing the increasing competition, we may also expect manufacturers to keep the prices of expected tablets reasonable.

Top 5: Tablets for Valentine's day

While there are numerous tablets in the market, very few have the quality, features and brand to be a good gifting option. Here is our choice from the lot.

Top 5 Tablet deals of the week

These tablets come with great discounted price justifying the feature package offered.

Top 5: Tablets for March-April

While the tablet space awaits a shake-up, here is a list of 5 tablets that are currently the best buys.

Top 5 tablets worth waiting for

While the entry level tablet segment has been buzzing with activity from Indian brands, it's now time for MNCs to shake the market.

Top 5 Budget tablets

A flood of budget tablets has been launched in India, but not all are good buys. Here we try to give you five options worth exploring.