• 20:39 Oct 19, 2019


Latest Reviews

7/ 10

App Review: Share my app

Now share your apps with your friends and not your phone.

7/ 10

Game Review: Roller Coaster Extreme

It thrills and entertains the players with different levels.

5/ 10

App Review: Best apps

One must have app for all your app requirements and needs

6/ 10

Handset Review: Micromax Andro A60

Brilliant effort to let first time android users experience this operating system and that too at an affordable price.

5/ 10

Handset Review: Byond Q99

A basic looking feature rich dual sim phone

7/ 10

App Review: Shoot and Tag

The latest addition to Nokia Beta labs turns out to be a useful little tool for video recording.

9/ 10

Bluetooth Review: True Blue Voice Universal Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Now make any audio device a wireless one with this bluetooth transmitter.

6/ 10

App Review: Chomp SMS

A better alternative for the generic SMS application for Android devices.

6/ 10

App Review: Audio Boo

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we have added voice to it too.

6/ 10

Game Review: Robo Defense

Hours of fun while strategising what you want to do with the robots that are coming take over your castle.

7/ 10

App Review: Plug in launcher

Smart application that allows the user to choose what to do when you plug something in to your Android device.

6/ 10

App Review: I Must Run

A test of your skill and coordination, help this marine to save his wife.

7/ 10

Handset Review: Xage M108

A phone with extra large music.

7/ 10

App Review: Double Twist player

Now sync your playlist and all your songs between your Android phone and your computer without wires.

7/ 10

Handset Review: Nokia C7

Priced at Rs 18,900 the Nokia C7 is an excellent value for money.