• 17:33 Aug 21, 2019


Latest Reviews

7/ 10

Handset Review: Micromax X450 Van Gogh

This phone certainly is an innovation: the bundled Bluetooth handsfree is not just a free accessory, it has been integrated with the device itself, which aids usability.

8/ 10

Handset Review: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

The Xperia Play is a good buy if you are looking for a phone which can double up as a gaming device. It is a smartphone worth having.

7/ 10

App Review: LightBox

It works as a medium to browse photographs, and once the users open the app they get photographs from three categories - Popular, My LightBox and News.

7.5/ 10

Handset review: Huawei Ideos X2

For the price of Rs 8,000 it offers brilliant build quality, decent specifications and a capacitive touchscreen that works well.

7/ 10

App Review: WidgetLocker Lockscreen

The app WidgetLocker Lockscreen best describes the customisation ability of the Android operating system. The app works just the same way the users set their home screen of their Android smartphone.

7/ 10

App Review: Tuk Tuk 2

The latest version of the Tuk Tuk application brings along with it maps apart from a couple of new and intuitive features making this app a must have for daily auto and taxi users.

8.5/ 10

Game Review: NinJump

Test your skills to perform under pressure while keeping your cool and strategising on what you need to do in this free game.

7/ 10

App Review: StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon enables users to discover new websites and content that is relevant and matches with the interest of the users.

8.5/ 10

Handset Review: Spice Mi410

In very simple terms, it is an Android smartphone that is big on features and small on price one of the best android smartphones under Rs 15,000.

5/ 10

Handset Review: Tech-Com T65

A great low end dual SIM based phone that offers maximum value for money with features that make it stand out of the crowd.

6/ 10

App Review: Songify

Songify App for iOS devices turns speech in to a song. It is easy to use app that allows recording a minute full of speech and converts into.

5.5/ 10

Handset Review: Intex VShow IN 8809

It is a decent projector and a decent phone; the problem is the integration of the two.

7.5/ 10

App Review: Google+

The app is clean, easy to use for beginners and heavily functional along with super-integrated settings for notifications.

7/ 10

Game Review: Slice It

Bring back the childhood memories and draw some lines but keep in mind the slicing should be perfect.

10/ 10

App Review : Evernote

The Android application helps create notes which can be simple text or a picture or an audio voice and even a video or a mix of all.