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Latest Reviews

7.5/ 10

App Review: Tetris Game

Perfect classic puzzle game Tetris is brought by Electronic Arts with gesture based controls.

8/ 10

Handset Review: Vodafone 555 Blue

Affordable and decent build quality laden Vodafone 555 Blue is a pocket friendly feature phone with a full Qwerty keypad and dedicated Facebook key.

7/ 10

App Review: Android Booster Free

It provides an easy way to boost one's Android device and that too without any additional buck.

6/ 10

App Review: Touchpal Keyboard for Android

The Touchpal keyboard makes it easy for users to type on their Android smartphones with its Swype input, Dictionary prediction and voice recognition.

5.5/ 10

Handset review: Sony Ericsson Txt Pro

Touted as the device for text lovers, this feature phone brings along some real nice treats like a very comfortable Qwerty keypad and WiFi connectivity.

6.5/ 10

Handset Review: Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini

This small but powerful smartphone packs quite a punch due to its fabulous user interface which sits on a very decent set of hardware.

8.5/ 10

App Review: Android Boost+ performance

This free app is an all-in-one Android system optimisation tool that helps the user maintain optimum performance on the device with features like application uninstallers, task managers and a settings tool.

5/ 10

Game Review: My Country

It's the time to play God and do well for your country; well at least virtually you can with this neat little game.

6.5/ 10

App Review: Suruk - The Taxi Meter app

Relying on the meter of the Auto or Taxi is not really the best thing with so much tampering happening these days, and for that there are many application for smartphones that supplements with an Smartphone based meter using GPS tracking. Here is one such interesting app.

5/ 10

Tab Review: HTC Flyer

The 7 inch HTC Flyer tablet is stylish and packed with commendable hardware for a high-end smartphone.

6/ 10

Tablet Review: Reliance 3G Tab

Reliance 3G Tab has a 7 inch display and combines the features of a good smartphone along with those expected in a tablet.

7/ 10

Handset Review: Xage MT 711

The device has some nice feature like touchscreen display, dual SIM feature, 3.2 MP camera, powerful battery, analog television and a good body that can handle a few jerks. But, it is slightly overpriced and fails to impress.

6/ 10

Tab Review: Beetel Magiq

It's the cheapest Android tablet in India. Made by Huawei, this tablet has all the hardware and software to make it a best seller in the country.

6.5/ 10

Handset Review: Maxx MX401

It suppresses noise smartly and plays music out loud enough to scare your neighbours even!

6/ 10

App Review: My Settings

The options take the users either straight to the function or give various options to the users. For example, users get five brightness options, and a sliding scale to get to the desired brightness as well.