• 09:15 Oct 18, 2019


Latest Reviews

7/ 10

App Review: Periodic Table

Overall, this is an excellent reference application which informs the users about more than 30 properties and facts about every element.

9.5/ 10

App Review: Instagram

It allows users to improve the pictures and share them on various social networking and photo sharing websites with ease.

7.5/ 10

App Review: Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is one of its kind mobile web browser, packed with a bunch of cool features like the Gestures, Webzine interface and Add-Ons support.

6/ 10

App Review: Songify

Songify App for iOS devices turns speech in to a song. It is easy to use app that allows recording a minute full of speech and converts into.

7.5/ 10

App Review: Google+

The app is clean, easy to use for beginners and heavily functional along with super-integrated settings for notifications.

8/ 10

Bluetooth Review: Plantronics Backbeat 906

If you are looking out for a comfortable and good looking Bluetooth headset, then the Backbeat can surely be one of the choices but comes with a price.

8/ 10

Bluetooth Review: Trueblue Voice S91

Talk in style while keeping full control over your media.

7/ 10

App Review: Share my app

Now share your apps with your friends and not your phone.

5/ 10

App Review: Best apps

One must have app for all your app requirements and needs

7/ 10

App Review: FriendChat

The application, FriendChat, lets you chat with you Facebook friends on the go with your Nokia mobile.