• 10:36 Oct 18, 2019


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8/ 10

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Bluetooth headset review

It is high on sound output and is sturdy, but may put you off with its battery life.

7/ 10

Review: Creative Hitz MA350 earphone

The new Creative Hitz MA350 pair of in-ear earphones is a fine combination for music lovers and for attending voice calls on the movie.

7/ 10

Device review: Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

It comes in a compact size and delivers good sound output.

8/ 10

Review: Eveready Ultima Mobile Power UM 22

Portable mobile charging pack can sustain deliver full charge of 2200 mAh for a month-enough to charge a smartphone.

8/ 10

Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth headset review

An innovative Bluetooth headset with USB connectivity.

10/ 10

Zebronics Power Grid review: Charge your phone on the go

Zebronics ZEB-PG2400 is priced at Rs 1,450 for which it is a decent buy.

7.5/ 10

Review: Rapoo E6100 ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard

Slim, lightweight and it has ultra long battery backup as well.

8/ 10

Device review: Jabra Solemate

Music for the soul as well as the masses.

9/ 10

Review: Dock Minimal-Universal docking

Dock minimal is an all in one solution for docking and stand needs of a tablet that can accommodate tablets of all screen sizes and dimensions.

8/ 10

Bluetooth device: Plantronics Marque 2 M165

It is a nice little Bluetooth device that is elegant and resourceful.

7/ 10

Device Review: Woxi Smartpod

Woxi SmartPod is little box that turns your TV into an Android Smart-TV or a large tablet..

8/ 10

Device review: Samsung Galaxy camera GC 100

The Samsung Galaxy camera comes with a host of smart features while being a camera at heart.

7.5/ 10

Review: Nokia Purity stereo headset WH-920

With a thin, flat cable Nokia Purity stereo headset WH-920 by Monster delivers crisper mid level audio output with richer, deeper bass.

7.5/ 10

Accessory Review: Dexim AV dock for iPod/iPhone

It is much cheaper than other docks for Apple devices but it isn't for the iPad.

7.5/ 10

Review: Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220

Nokia's new Luna Bluetooth headset is light, easy to use and handy to carry around