• 10:31 Sep 23, 2019


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8/ 10

Goqii fitness band review: Much better than ordinary fitness bands

It is a well-designed fitness band with good ecosystem to support the users.

9/ 10

Bose Soundlink on-ear Bluetooth headphone review

Bose continues its legacy of offering headphones with the new Soundlink on-ear Bluetooth headphone.

7/ 10

HTC RE camera review: The simplest camera

HTC in a bid to make photography as simple as possible, has come out with the RE camera.

9/ 10

Bose SoundLink Color Review: One of the best Bluetooth speakers under Rs 12,000

The Bose SoundLink Color is trendy as well as lightweight and most importantly it does what is expected - music without distortion

6.5/ 10

Esycast Review: A wireless bridge between mobile and TV

Esycast is a plug and play device and its size is similar to that of a data card. It is priced at Rs 3,499.

7/ 10

Airtel Wingle WiFi data card Review

Airtel Wingle WiFi data card offers 21 Mbps max download speed and can provide WiFi connection.

7/ 10

Sony SWR10 smartband: Useful but not necessary

The Sony SWR10 smartband is useful but it would appeal to a handful users. Read more.

7/ 10

Zoook Musicana ZM-BS505 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The stylish ZM-BS505 comes with FM radio, Alarm, Bluetooth mode, and TF card option.

8/ 10

Bose SoundTrue Review

Priced at Rs 13,388, the Bose SoundTrue delivers terrific bass levels and is light as a feather.

8/ 10

Review: Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headphone

Creative Aurvana Live! 2 is meant for the bass lovers. It has a comfortable design and delivers better details.

7.5/ 10

Huawei E5730 Review: Enjoy power bank and router facility in one

It is not only a WiFi router, but it also acts as a power bank and thus it is an essential accessory for any smartphone or tablet owner.

8/ 10

Lapcare Oval power bank review

Lapcare has again come out with a very useful power bank, called Oval. Here is an in-depth review of the power bank.

7/ 10

Zoook ZB BHP110L Review - A complete headphone for an affordable price

It has everything that you would look for in a headset and even more. Read on to know the most potent headset which is affordable too.

7/ 10

Review: Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones are all about the luxurious design inspired from the innards of the GT Cars.

7/ 10

Zoook ZP-PB5000 power bank review

It has a retractable cable, two USB ports and an attractive design.