Vivo X60 Pro In-depth Camera Review

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : Thursday, March, 25 2021

The Vivo X60 Pro has been launched in India with a triple camera setup. The cameras on the X60 Pro are integrated with vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System, bringing the ZEISS Imaging quality to smartphones as per the company. It has a triple camera setup on the back with a combination of a 48MP primary sensor, a 13MP ultra-wide sensor as well as a 13MP telephoto sensor. So, is zeiss able to work its magic? Let's take a look.

Outdoor Shot

1/ 6

The primary sensor actually worked well when given plenty of light. The dynamic range seemed to be pretty good along with plenty of details and natural looking colours. As you can see, there are a lot of colours in the picture above and when I compared it to the colours in real world, both of them looked pretty close. Even if you zoom in, you can notice each of the leaves on the tree and there was no blurriness at all. 

Wide-angle Shot

2/ 6

The wide-angle shot looked just as good as the primary. The colours looked accurate but the distortion in the wide-angle shot was a bit too much. There was plenty of detail in the shot as well. 

Portrait shot

3/ 6

When taking portrait shots, the camera was able to focus pretty quickly on the subject. Not only while clicking portraits, but even while using other cameras, the auto-focus did a good job and focused on what I intended it to focus on. For portraits, there was again a good amount of detail be it under artificial lighting or outdoors. The edge detection was also on point. 

Artificial Lighting

4/ 6

Photography under artificial lighting wasn't a pain either as the phone focused on the correct subject with a good amount of blur in the background along with natural and good looking colours. Though, with AI Scene enhancement ON, the photos were a bit oversaturated at times. For example, the photo I have clicked above, you can see how the pieces of the fruit have been over saturated as the natural colour was much less... intense.


5/ 6

Selfies are as important as photos from the back camera and the Vivo X60 Pro gets them right too. The skin tone of the face looked natural and there was a nice level of detailing as well. The colours also looked great and the selfies from the Vivo X60 Pro are definitely worth sharing on social media if you ever need to do that. However, I did find that the HDR was a bit overdone at times but you can turn HDR off whenever you want so not much of an issue there.

Night Mode Shot

6/ 6

Night shots were a breeze to click. Again, plenty of details with good amount pf sharpness. Although with the night mode ON (left), the pictures are brightened up too much in my opinion. The one with night mode off (right) looked better to me and more natural.