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Top 12 must have technology accessories under Rs 100

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : Saturday, June, 22 2019

There are many technology accessories available in the market and it's very difficult to pick the right product which is best suited for your need, as well as good on pricing. So here we have shortlisted 12 technology accessories under Rs 100, to make life simpler and cooler with these must-have technology accessories that we tend to use on a daily basis.

Case Plus Universal Worldwide Travel Charger Adapter:Rs 99

1/ 12

Case Plus Universal Worldwide Travel Charger Adapter features all built In plugs that you can find in international power adapters. The travel adapter can plug into the power outlets of more than 150 countries. You just have to pull or slide one of the three built-in plugs and can be plug in any laptop, smartphones, battery chargers, or similar electronic device. It also comes equipped with a safety release button and built-in fuse to ensure safe operation of any consumer electronic devices. It has LED working light indicator as well and comes with two lock switches for convenient operation. It measures 2-inch x 3-inch x 2-inch and weighs 120 grams. The adapter uses 250 V of power and is available online at a price tag of Rs 99.

Easypro USB Cable Protector: Rs 60

2/ 12

Easypro USB Cable Protector is a useful product that helps in preventing the cable from broken at its weakest point, which increases cable life. It is compatible with the majority of computer and smartphone cables, including iPhone lightning cables, mouse cable, computer cables, laptop cables, Mac Notebook power cables, micro USB cables etc. Easypro USB Cable Protector is designed with highly flexible silicone and is available for purchase online at a price tag of Rs 60.

Printland 360 Degree Rotating Finger Ring Mobile Holder: Rs 99

3/ 12

Printland 360 Degree Rotating Finger Ring Mobile Holder allows the user finger to cross the metal ring for one-hand use. This 360 Degree Rotating Finger Ring can be revolved 360 degrees horizontally or 180 degrees vertically, which enable the user to have a better grip of the smartphone while taking selfies. It also protects the phone from dropping or even protect from theft. By adjusting ring stand angles, the user can watch YouTube or Movies on its smartphones or tablets. The stand can be pasted on any surface to hang the phone. It measures 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm and weighs just 7 grams. The 360 Degree Rotating Finger Ring holder can be purchased online for Rs 99.

CHVTS BHQW15 Mobile Holder: Rs 99

4/ 12

CHVTS BHQW15 Mobile Holder is compatible with most of the smartphones available in India, that includes the phone from the bands like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Xiaomi, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus etc. It is made of flexible plastic material and can be bend as per your convenience. The CHVTS BHQW15 Mobile Holder measures 115mmx95mmx45mm and weighs around 65 grams. This holder is retailing online at Rs 99.

MSticK Fixate Circle Gel Pad: Rs 99

5/ 12

MSticK Fixate Circle Gel Pad can stick your phone, pad, remote control, camera, speakers and even your water cup. It can also be used to stick the keys to glass, mirrors, and tiles. With MSticK Fixate Circle Gel Pad, user can stick anything on whiteboards, kitchen cabinets, cars or any metal surfaces. Interested customers can buy this product online for Rs 99.

LANIX 3.5 MM AUX cable: Rs 99

6/ 12

LANIX 3.5 MM AUX cable can be used to connect phones or any other Music Player to car stereos, boomboxes and home entertainment systems. The cable is compatible with the devices that have 3.5mm stereo mini port for headphone or auxiliary audio input. The cable supports 2173 Mbps speed and is 1m long. It is available for purchase online at Rs 99.

ProPile-Apple charging lightning cable end protectors: Rs 89

7/ 12

The cable corners are very sensitive in nature and prone to damage due to high usability and these cable protectors can prevent the cable from bending at its weakest point and reduces the risk of breaking by well over 90%. Its inner rubber layer absorbs the impacts and prevents harmful twists & bends, while outer layer protects your cable against daily wear & tear. It is made by using PU and PC material. The ProPile cable end protectors compatible with Apple devises such as iPhone 4, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus and iPad. It is available online at Rs 89 only and is also called as Cable Drop Clips.

LS Letsshop Universal Pop Socket Mobile Holder: Rs 89

8/ 12

LS Letsshop Universal Pop Socket is an expanding piece made of plastic material and can be attached to the back of any smartphone for greater grip. LS Letsshop Universal Pop Socket's Pop Holders 'pops out' when you need a grip or to use as a stand. LS Letsshop Universal Pop Socket can also be used to hold tablets and e-readers. This product comes in many colour options and is available for purchase online at Rs 89 only.

Avenue USB Type C OTG Adapter: Rs 91

9/ 12

This Avenue USB Type C OTG Adapter can convert type C to the 3.5mm Audio for all new type devices. The new adapter will help the users to connect their headphones with a 3.5mm cable to their smartphone that does not come with the audio jack. The adapter is priced at just Rs 91, which is not only extra affordable but also comes in handy when your wireless headphones' juice ran out and you want to listen to music via a wired headset.

Avyana 360 Degree Flexible & Bendable Silicone USB Lamp: Rs 99

10/ 12

Avyana 360 Degree Flexible and Bendable Silicone USB Lamp (LED) can be used while studying, working, reading and writing. It can be connected to Powerbanks, Desktops and Smartphones through the USB jack. It comes in many colour options and is made of Rubber material. This LED flexible lamp is retailing online at a price tag of just Rs 99.

Gizga Essentials Tangle-Free Fast Charging Micro USB Cable: Rs 98

11/ 12

Gizga Essentials Tangle-Free Fast Charging Micro USB Cable comes with USB 2.0 support and it is compatible with USB 3.0 as well. The cable Type-A to Micro-B Cable can be used with different products ranging from smartphones, tablets and more. The cable can be used to charge a device with a car charger as well and it supports file transfer at up to 480Mbps. In terms of build quality, the company claims that the cable is heat-resistant and comes stainless steel connector heads slot. It comes tangle-free that makes it easier to carry without any knots or kinks. Furthermore, the company is offering 12 months replacement warranty, which further sweetens the deal.

Onsmobs OTG Cable: Rs 85

12/ 12

Onsmobs micro USB OTG cable is compatible with mobile phones and tablets. It will enable you to attach the keyboard, camera, printer or almost any portable device to initiate communication. Being a compact device, it requires the least amount of space, enabling you to fit it in a purse or bag. The cable supports 100 Mbps speed and is 10 cm long. The company claims that the cable is made with high-quality material and is extremely durable, so you don't have to worry about a break in the cable. The Cable is available online at a price tag of only Rs 85.

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