Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Top Features

By: The Mobile Indian network, Kolkata Last updated : Saturday, February, 15 2020

The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's answer to the likes of Motorola Razr and other vertically folding phones out in the market. The galaxy flip has made a lot of improvements since it's last folding phone. The Z Flip is packed with features and so here's all that you need to know about the new Galaxy Z flip.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Body

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A common factor that is found in every foldable ( other than folding) is a flexible display. The display (usually OLED) is built out of plastic making it easier to bend along the hinges. The usage of plastic has its own drawbacks. Plastic on the Mohs scale of hardness scratches at a level 2 making them very prone to scratches even by your fingernails. This made the devices less durable and age badly. Samsung, learning a thing or two from its galaxy fold fiasco, developed an ultra-thin glass that bent like plastic without breaking and yet felt like glass. The ultra-thin glass is harder than plastic making it less susceptible to scratches and also minimizes creasing around the hinges. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Hinge protectors

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Every foldable phone’s spine is its hinges. The hinges support the displays and facilitate the folding mechanism. Inside the hinges are tiny gears which resemble the ones used inside a watch. The gears move with each other for a smooth opening and closing experience but, this smoothness can be hindered by a sand particle or any other debris entering the hinge. This can cause issues ranging from a minor grinding sound to the complete failure of the hinge. Samsung in order counter this, installed tiny bristles at the hinge openings. The fibres or bristles that act as a filter and keep the sand particles or any other debris away. This ensures hinge safety and longevity of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Display

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The phone might seem inaccessible when folded at first glance as there is no display to interact with but, that is not the case. Samsung very cleverly implemented a tiny 1.1inch pill-shaped display right next to the cameras. You can accept or end calls, view notifications on this secondary display. You can also double-tap the power button (also the fingerprint sensor) to launch the camera and take selfies with the main camera while using the secondary display as a viewfinder.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Infinity flex

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The phone when unfolded reveals an 'infinity flex' 6.7inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2638x1080. The display has very thin bezels and a punch hole at the top centre. The display is bright and supports HDR10+ Video Playback. The display is supported by the hinges with what Samsung calls “FreeStop” folding technology allowing the phone the prop up at different angles. This is great for video calls as you can just prop your phone up and talk hands-free

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Cameras

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The Galaxy Z Flip not only looks stunning but also has a solid pair of shooters. The main cameras are a set of dual-lens modules with the main camera being a 12MP wide-angle camera with OIS, HDR10+ recording and Dual Pixel Autofocus. The secondary camera is a 12MP ultra-wide lens for those super-wide shots. The front camera is housed inside the punch hole notch and is a 10MP shooter with live focus and live focus videos.

The Freestop technology allows for the phone to prop up and be used as a tripod for high exposure shots or hands-free selfies. The main camera is capable at shooting in 4K at 60 fps and shoots super steady super slo-mo at 960 fps in 720p.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Performance and Power

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The Galaxy Z flip Unlike the Motorola Razr, is not underpowered. Under the hood, it houses a Snapdragon 855 plus processor and 8GB of RAM with 256GB of storage. This puts it above the Razr and its Snapdragon 710 and 6GB of RAM. The software is based on Android 10 with the latest One UI with special features such as Half screen and half control where the app is displayed in the top half with the controls on the bottom. The phone has a 3300mAh battery split into two with one in each half. The phone has fast charging, wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Thom Browne Edition

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Samsung partnered with the well-known designer Thom Browne to launch limited-edition Galaxy Z flips with a limited edition design, Icon pack, sound pack and wallpaper pack. The Thom Browne edition also extends to the Galaxy Buds+ and the Watch Active 2 bands.