Realme X2 Pro Camera Review: Is it a complete package?

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : Wednesday, November, 20 2019

Realme X2 Pro has crowded Camera department. Four at the rear and one at the front. Let us check out their performance.

Realme X2 Pro: Normal shot

1/ 11

Day light shots clicked by realme X 2pro come out well expect that the clours are on warmer side.

REalme X2 Pro: close Up Shot

2/ 11

Close up shots in broad daylight have nice detailing.

REalme X2 Pro: Camera Sample

3/ 11

REalme X2 Pro: 1X Shot

4/ 11

1X zoom shot using Realme x2 pro

REalme X2 Pro: 2X Shot

5/ 11

2x zoom zoom shot have a good amount of detail.

REalme X2 Pro: 5X Shot

6/ 11

Zoom shot upto 5X are good to be used in social media.

Realme X2 Pro: 20X zoom Shot

7/ 11

The shot captures using 20X Hybrid Zoom Lacks Clarity and misses out on detailing.

REalme X2 Pro: Selfie

8/ 11

Realme x 2 Pro captures an amazing selfie with right skin tome and detailing.

REalme X2 Pro: Low Light shot

9/ 11

Low light shots captured using Realme X2 Pro come out well if the lighting is not on the lower side.

Realme X2 Pro: Low Light Shot

10/ 11

Close up low light shots come out well without using nightscape mode which usually enhances teh brightness.

Realme X2 Pro: Macro Shot

11/ 11

Still subject captured using the macro mode K2 Pro come out well but clicking moving objects is a pain.