Nubia Z17 mini Camera Samples

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : Wednesday, June, 07 2017

The major highlight of the smartphone is the dual-camera setup situated on the back panel. There are two 13-megapixel sensors at the back, with one being a monochrome, while the other sporting an RGB lens.

Outdoor: Close Up, Monochrome

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The image came out to be well-detailed, which is a good thing.

Outdoor: Macro

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The phone took some good macro shots and the subject is clearly highlighted in the image.

Outdoor: Low Light, Monochrome

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The phone struggles a bit when it comes to handling glares and the photo is a bit grainy in nature.

Outdoor: Macro

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We are quite impressed with this image as the colours are close to the source and the detailing is good.

Outdoor: Macro

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Yet again the device took a good photo and we were quite satisfied with the macro shot.

Outdoor: Low Light, HDR Mode

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In the HDR mode, the phone does a decent job and there is no problem in this image.

Outdoor: Landscape

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The colour of the sky is close to the source, however, the phone misses a detail or two here.

Outdoor: Close Up

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The colour of the sign board came out to be good and we liked the fact that the device does deliver some good photos.

Outdoor: Low Light, Light trail mode

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In this mode, the phone lowers the shutter speed, which results in this light trail. The image came out to be good.

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