• 17:02 Oct 19, 2018


Latest Laptops & Tablets News


Samsung promises 4G Android tablet later this year

Current generation Galaxy tablets 8.9-inch and 10.1-inch continue to remain absent from retail chains.


Windows 8 tablet version demo possible next week

Microsoft has made statements in the past which suggest it is working on ARM SOC (system-on-a-chip) compatible Windows 8, but it has not commented over reports of possible demo next week.

Attractive pricing for Amazon tablets

With the cloud music player and Amazon AppStore already in place, it is only a matter of time before tablets too join the mix. If reported prices are correct, the iPad has some serious competition.

Intel's Oak Trail tablets to be unveiled

There are several companies getting ready with their Oak Trail processor based tablets, and these include Acer, Asus and MSI; but most of the tablets first off the mark will be from Chinese companies.

ASUS may unveil tablet-smartphone hybrid device

After the 10.1 inch Transformer tablet, ASUS might just have a smaller tablet under wraps, which it is set to unveil during Computex 2011.

Letsbuy.com launches Acer Iconia Tab W500

The Tab W500 runs on Windows 7 operating system and has a 10.1 inch HD 1280x800 wide-screen multi-touch display.


TouchPad will be better than the No 1 tablet: HP

HP has tasted immense success in the personal computer market and wants to emulate the same in the mobile devices market as well.

Toshiba to launch its new Android Tablet shortly

Toshiba is going to launch an Android 3.0 and 1 GHz Dual core Tegra 2 powered, 10.1 inch tablet soon. India launch date not yet clear.

Acer Iconia — a tablet with a difference

The device has come with several new innovations, especially the use of second screen which can be used as virtual keyboard, that too in several languages.

Fujitsu to launch 7 inch Android tablet

After 10 inch Windows 7 based tablet, Fujitsu will be launching a 7 inch Google Android based tablet soon.

Android 3.1 update coming in June to Acer and Asus

The update to Acer and Asus devices will bring additional support for a variety of USB based peripherals and accessories.


Amazon to launch two tablets this year: Report

Most of the other Android tablets haven't done too well in the market, so it will be interesting to see how Amazon challenges the domination of Apple's iPad.

iPad2 camera not popular, says Flickr

It could be due to the fact that tablets are not convenient while taking pictures, and probably Flickr numbers reflect that.

Android update will be better: Nvidia CEO

Honeycomb tablets have struggled against iPad since their launch. The chief executive officer of Motorola Mobility, Sanjay Jha, had said that users are not buying Android tablets as there are not enough applications for it in the market.

RIM recalls 1,000 PlayBooks

It was reported there were 935 PlayBook tablets with the flaw in their operating system. Some users reported they couldn't complete the user agreement screen also, which meant they couldn't operate the device also.