My11circle and the scope of fantasy gaming in India

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The love for cricket in India is no new fact. According to one market research conducted by ICC, the Indian sub-continent constitutes more than 90% of the sport's global fans. It then, was only a matter of time before the cricket fever took a digital avatar.

The growing interest in fantasy cricket has become quite discernible in the last few years. It is now common to see people glued to their handsets playing fantasy cricket games. In fact, cricket fans have started enjoying fantasy cricket as much as watching a live game on TV or on the smartphone.


The love for cricket in India is no new fact. According to one market research conducted by ICC, the Indian sub-continent constitutes more than 90% of the sport'39;s global fans. It then, was only a matter of time before the cricket fever took a digital avatar. During major cricketing events like the ICC World Cup, IPL, etc. the popularity of fantasy cricket games rose further. One of the most popular platforms that people use to play such games is My11Circle. In fact, many youngsters play cricket on their handheld devices through the My11Cirlce app. Statistics show that around 1.3 Crore people use this app. This shows that fantasy cricket and My11Circle have both become quite popular with cricket enthusiasts all over the country.  



It’s an international trend

Fantasy sports has a number of new fans in India. Nevertheless, this is not a unique phenomenon in India. This can be seen in other countries too; however, with different sports. In some European countries as well as in the USA and Brazil, people usually play fantasy football. Statistics point out that the primary motivation for playing fantasy sports is fun and excitement for 72% of respondents. This implies that there is a deep correlation between the love for a sport and a desire to play it, virtually or in reality. This also explains why fantasy cricket is leading the fantasy games genre in India.

Lifestyle Giving Way to Virtual Entertainment

People are bogged down by work pressure, the pressure to perform, to study and the daily grind. This leaves little room for entertainment, let alone playing a sport or watching a game on television. However, every cricket lover nurse a desire to play as well as watch cricket games. Virtual cricket through platforms like My11Circle fulfils this deep desire. This is why so many cricket fans have downloaded the My11Circle fantasy app on their mobiles and tablets and are playing fantasy cricket games. 

The Perfect Start

Cricket is the perfect way to start the rollout of fantasy sports in India. Indians are very passionate about the game, and it is evident by the attention big-ticket events like the ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup and IPL garner. In fact, the recent ICC Cricket World Cup grossed a huge viewership. The popularity of My11Circle and fantasy cricket game bears an uncanny resemblance with the popularity of fantasy football in European countries. In most European countries, football is the most popular sport. In such countries, fantasy football has had a very successful run because people love scoring goals and making great saves in the virtual football games. They brag about their fantasy teams having the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo etc. 

In India, the story is a bit different. Here cricket rules the roost. Across age groups, everybody loves to watch and enjoy cricket matches being played. However, lifestyle, work pressure, academic pressure etc. are some of the major impediments that keep people from enjoying live cricket games. This is where the idea of playing a fantasy cricket game helps. At this juncture, the idea of offering fantasy sports platforms is just beginning to take shape in India. This is why cricket is just the right game to debut virtual games in India with.  Platforms like My11Circle also have made the most of this opportunity by offering users an opportunity to play with their dream team. This freedom to choose is leading more people to download the fantasy app and enjoy fantasy cricket online. However, it is not mindless gaming. A KPMG report states that 81% of respondents felt that fantasy games required profound skill and knowledge of the sport. The way things are shaping up, the concept of fantasy games promise to grow even bigger in the near future. 


Not Just Cricket 

However, it is not just cricket that is popular in India. In some states like Kerala, West Bengal and some North Eastern states, football is quite popular too. In fact, in states like Kerala and North Eastern states, football is probably more popular than cricket. Hence, football fantasy sports could be quite popular in these states though cricket is more popular pan-India.  This does hint at a golden opportunity for cricket fans as well as fantasy apps. Fantasy sports have already spawned an ecosystem around it. In the future, it is only bound to grow further. The data from FSTA shows that men below the age of 40 mostly play fantasy sports. Since India is now
brimming with young people who are raring to experience new technology and avenues of entertainment, fantasy cricket seems to lead a gaming revolution in India.

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