• 17:24 Aug 21, 2019


Latest Digital News


Microsoft will soon let Alexa listen to your voice from Windows 10 lockscreen

Microsoft has started rolling out a new preview build version 18362.10005 for Windows Insiders which is touted to expand the capabilities to third-party digital assistants on Windows 10. The feature will allow voice assistants like Alexa to activate through its wake word even when a user’s PC is locked.

You can soon say ‘Namaste’ to Alexa as Amazon adds Hindi support to Alexa Skills Kit

Amazon has now announced that developers can now use its new Hindi voice model on the Alexa Skills Kit to start building Alexa skills for users in India. Developers will also be able to update their existing published skills in India for Hindi.

WhatsApp, Telegram vulnerability can let attackers modify media files before you see them

Known as “Media File Jacking”, the vulnerability is present on both Telegram and WhatsApp apps on Android. When WhatsApp or Telegram store data externally, attackers have a window of opportunity to replace the original media files with malicious ones, even changing thumbnail preview of the file with a modified version.

Flipkart partners with Axis Bank to offer co-branded credit card

The new Flipkart Axis Bank credit card will be available to select users in July.

Google employees are listening to your conversations with Google Assistant

Google employees can listen to excerpts from the audio recording that are stored upon talking to the Google Assistant. While Google does mention that voice recordings are stored on their servers, the fact that its employees can listen to them hasn’t been added to its terms and conditions.

Android malware ‘Agent Smith’ replaces apps with infected duplicates

While the malware doesn’t steal data from users, it forces more ads to show on a user’s phone for the operator’s profit. The malware first checks if a phone has installed apps that are compiled in its “hit list” and then installs the malicious codes onto these apps without the knowledge of the user.

Qualcomm 215 28nm SoC announced with dual camera support for entry-level phones

The Qualcomm 215 is built on a 28nm process and will equip a quad-core CPU comprising of ARM’s Cortex-A53 cores that are clocked at 1.3GHz. The company says the CPU will be able to offer 50 percent better performance than its predecessor and with the Adreno 308, the Qualcomm 215 will also offer a 28 percent boost in graphics.

Apple makes fun of Google over user privacy

Apple has taken a jab at the Mountain View giant by hosting a billboard in Toronto. The billboard erected by Apple reads “We’re in the business of staying out of yours. Privacy. That’s iPhone”, which is a silent nudge at Google whose search engine is used to collect data and provide users with relevant ads later.

Huawei CEO says its OS will be faster than Android, wants focus on Apple-like privacy

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has come out and said that their upcoming mobile operating system - the HongMeng OS will “likely” be faster than Android and will reduce the dependence of Google’s Android. Zhengfei also revealed that Huawei aims to one day be as good as Apple for protecting the privacy of its users.

Amazon Prime Day: VR experience zones available at select cities from July 6 to July 16

At VR experience zones, users will be able to view products in life-size, inspect products up close, enjoy 360-degree views and evaluate products in the environment that they are likely to use it in. Amazon will enable customers to experience the new products without relying on images to make a decision to purchase the item.

BharatNet and USOF to provide high-speed internet to all panchayats by 2020

BharatNet and USOF will install internet services to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas through a PPP (Public Private Partnership) model. The government aims to connect all of its 2.5 lakh panchayats with the high-speed Internet by March 2020, covering a total of 6 lakh villages.

Game-maker loses license for mocking Chinese President Xi Jinping

Devotion which was developed by Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games can’t be sanctioned by the Chinese government. However, Chinese officials have revoked the business license of the game’s Chinese publisher Indievent.

Indian companies selling US tech to Huawei will face penalty: Govt

The Union Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha that any Indian "company which will act as a supplier of U.S.-origin equipment, software, technology to Huawei and its affiliates in entity list could be subject to penal action/sanction under US regulations".

US asks India to opt against purchasing Huawei’s 5G equipment

In a letter sent to the Indian Department of Commerce, US’ Department of Commerce urged advised that it look into the issues revolving around security before the deployment of 5G equipment. The letter is reportedly dated ahead of the US Secretary of State’s visit to India and the G20 Summit in Japan.

Reliance Jio announces Digital Udaan for digital literacy

With Digital Udaan, Jio will be employing audio-visual training in 10 different regional languages in India. The company has worked with Facebook to ensure that the modules are relevant for people in these cities and localities, and will provide train-the-trainer sessions and training videos and information brochures.