• 12:13 May 21, 2019


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Google now gives you the ability to auto-delete location history, activity data

Starting today, users will be able to set deletion their location history and activity data across web and mobile to automatic. With this feature, the activity and location data stored inside a user’s Google account can be set to automatically get delete in 3 months or 18 months.

5G smartphone chips will cost twice as much as 4G chips: Report

The average price of several components responsible for powering 5G in smartphones is about 1.85 times that of the components used on the current generation of 4G devices. The price of memory chips on a 4G phone revolved in and around $59 (approx. Rs 4,100). In contrast to this, the price of the memory chips designed for 5G reached as high as $85.40 (approx. Rs 5,900).

Intel confirms Apple-Qualcomm settlement forced them to quit 5G business

Intel has now come out and stated why it shut down its 5G business concluding that it was not up to them for not continuing the production of their 5G modems. Intel CEO Bob Swan revealed that it was Apple vs Qualcomm settlement which led to the company’s exit from the 5G market.

Amazon employees not only listen to your conversations but also know where you stay at

Amazon workers who are assigned to audit user voice recordings captured through Alexa-powered devices also have access to the user’s location. The location data is available to these employees as geographic coordinates which can be easily translated to a simplified location through a third-party mapping software.

ZEE5 Global unveils content in 5 international languages

The announcement was made by Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer-ZEE5 Global at APOS 2019 (Asia Pacific Video Operators Summit) in Bali.

Over 40 adware apps spotted on the Google Play: Report

Avast says that these apps aren’t exactly forbidden from bypassing the background processes and thus is present on the Play Store. However, the apps use libraries that waste the user’s battery and make the device slower. The adware also continuously attempts to display more and more ads to the user, going against Play Store rules.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 desktop, 1660Ti mobile GPUs announced, starts at Rs 12,999

The GTX 1650 uses Nvidia’s TU117 Turing GPU architecture which has previously been made available in GTX 20-series flagship GPUs. The graphics card comes with twice as much performance as the four-year-old GeForce GTX 950 and up to 70 percent more performance than the GTX 1050.

Intel announces 9th-generation laptop processors with 8 cores, 16 threads, up to 5GHz turbo boost

The Core i9-9980HK chipset offers up to 5GHz clockspeed through Intel Thermal Velocity Boost, 8 cores and 16 threads, and supporting 16MB of Intel® Smart Cache. Intel has revealed that the latest mobile CPUs will offer up to 33 percent overall performance leap compared to a three-year-old PCs and up to 28 percent responsiveness.

TCL Electronics partners with Eros Now to offer unmatched online content streaming

TCL now has Eros Now’s extensive library of HD-quality content comprising Bollywood movies, premium original shows, and music videos on the TCL content platform.

Do you know the top 10 most used Passwords?

Password "123456" had been found 23 million times in various data breaches.

Qualcomm working on Snapdragon 735 built on a 7nm process and Adreno 620

The Snapdragon 735 will be built on a 7nm process, which will be the first time for a Snapdragon 700-series. The SoC will also be the second Qualcomm chip to be built on a 7nm process, the first one having been the flagship Snapdragon 855 chipset. It'll an Octa-core configuration and Adreno 620 graphics.

Does UniSOC have the guns to shoot down MediaTek, Qualcomm in the budget segment?

With competition heating up, will UniSOC be able to stand the test of time?

Apple will soon add Screen Time, Siri Shortcuts, other iOS features to macOS

As part of the growing integration of iOS on macOS, Apple will be adding several iOS features on the next version of macOS - macOS 10.15. These features include Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time and iMessage Screen Effects all of which will soon be ported to all versions of Mac devices.

Amazon is asking its delivery drivers to take selfies!

The move is meant to curb fraud and to verify the driver’s identity.

Disney Plus streaming service launched, could it be cheaper than Netflix in India?

Users will able to stream content from Disney Plus for a starting price of $6.99 (approx. Rs 480) per month. In contrast to this, Netflix’s basic monthly plan currently starts at Rs 500 in India, though we’ve come to know that the streaming giant is presently testing Rs 250 monthly subscription plan for mobile-only users.