• 05:57 Jul 17, 2019


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Amazon Alexa does store voice recordings indefinitely, here’s how to delete it

The company has also revealed that it even shares some of this data with third-party developers.

1st Made in India Processor Shakti gets ready for app development

Funded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the Shakti SDK has been released to the public. The team has currently listed a set of three ‘base’ processors - E-class, C-class and I-class; three ‘Multi-Core’ processors - M-class, S-class and H-class; and two experimental processors - T-class and F-class.

Nvidia ditches TSMC, confirms Samsung will manufacture its next-gen GPUs

Nvidia Korea chief Yoo Eung-Joon said that the company’s next generation of advanced GPUs will be mass produced by Samsung Electronics. Samsung will use its 7-nanometer extreme ultraviolet (EUV) process in the next range of Nvidia graphics processors.

Airtel Payments Bank and Bharti AXA start offering insurance cover up to Rs 5 lakh

The Bharti AXA Life POS (Point of Sale) Saral Jeevan Bima Yojana will offer users pure life term insurance plans for any individual between the ages of 18 and 55. The scheme can be availed by all Airtel Payments Bank savings bank account customers without needing to undergo a medical examination.

India could go into 5G trials without Huawei and other Chinese vendors

A senior government official who spearheads the high-level committee on 5G suggested that India should go into the 5G trials immediately but without any help from Chinese vendors like Huawei. The official also suggested that India should put safeguards in place if Chinese vendors do take part in the upcoming 5G trials.

Nokia, Ericsson guarantee faster 5G deployment in India

Nokia and Ericsson are now banking on Huawei being excluded from the list of 5G equipment vendors to boost their 5G deals in the country. Ericsson says the company has enough resources and the supply chain capacity to meet the fast 5G demand in India. Nokia also said that it'll be "launching 5G networks as soon as possible".

US makes amends with Huawei to allow future business but there’s a catch

While US companies will be able to sell their products and services to Huawei, restrictions are still in place for the latter to not sell their products in the United States. Another interesting revelation is that despite the latest development, Huawei is still on the US Commerce Department's Entities List.

Samsung to sell its 5G Exynos chipsets to Vivo, Oppo

Samsung Electronics is offering samples of its 5G chipset solutions to Chinese manufacturers Vivo and Oppo for testing and verification. Supply chain sources have pointed out that Vivo and Oppo belief that MediaTek and Qualcomm alone won’t be able to meet their 5G demands next year.

Google patents a foldable phone with multiple pages

The Google patent shows a book-style phone that opens and closes like the Galaxy Fold, but with more that one displays on the inside. As a book, the patent revealed a hinge where multiple screens will be hooked like pages in a book. Google is considering to use flexible screens on the inside as multiple pages.

How do you stream on Netflix for free in India?

Netflix is by far the most expensive streaming service in India, costing a minimum of Rs 500 per month which is half of what users pay for an annual subscription to Amazon’s Prime Video or Hotstar. So how else would you be able to watch shows and movies on Netflix without paying the high monthly premium? Here's how.

India wants its own WhatsApp-like chat app for government purposes

A senior government official said the country needs to keep the data shared between government agencies secure and store it fully in India. The official further added that discussions are ongoing for “some form of a Sarkari (governmental) WhatsApp”, which "doesn’t depend on outside players" for messaging services.

Google will lose up to 800 million Android users if Huawei move on: Huawei CEO

Huawei CEO and Founder, Ren Zhengfei has said that Google will stand to lose about 700-800 million smartphone users if Huawei decides to make the switch to move away from Android. He also disclosed that a move away from Google’s Android is not the desired option since it will hinder the company’s growth.

Huawei nabs 50 commercial 5G contracts worldwide

Huawei Carrier Business Group President, Ryan Ding disclosed that the company became the world’s biggest 5G equipment supplier with a total of 50 commercial 5G deals. Huawei has shipped more than 1,50,000 5G base stations around the world including the UK, Finland, Switzerland, South Korea and more.

Oppo officially showcases Under-Screen Camera technology

The Oppo Under-Screen Camera technology will make use of a customised camera module. This will be accompanied by an enhanced translucent panel material and advanced processing algorithms to click selfies on a full-screen phone that doesn’t employ a notch or a popup camera mechanism.

Hacker used Raspberry Pi to steal mission data from NASA

The security breach was revealed by NASA Inspector General Office of Audits and said the hacker stole 500MB of major mission systems data which was discovered in April 2018. The data downloaded from NASA’s servers included 23 files, two of which contained information related to the Mars Curiosity Rover mission.