• 07:44 Feb 22, 2019



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Dark web lays hand on 617 million accounts of 16 websites

Almost 162 million Dubsmash accounts 151 million MyFitnessPal user accounts have been compromised

Swiggy ventures beyond food delivery, opens Stores for groceries, vegetables

Swiggy Stores will be functional through the core Swiggy app which will now start listing vendors dealing with fruits and vegetables, kiranas and supermarkets, paan shops, pet care stores, florists, baby care, health supplement, fresh meat and gourmet stores.

This Valentine’s Day gift your partner your time, not another smartphone

We’re no different from zombies as we hold on to our phones, look down and keep walking without being aware of what’s going around us. While intimate relationships often have their own set of challenges, the ever-changing evolution of technologies hasn't helped us solve them but has only made it worse.

Google updates Chrome OS, AI and AR assisted maps been tested

Google announced a brand new feature it was working on for its navigation program which uses a combination of AI, AR along with your phone's camera to assist with the real-time wayfinding while using google maps

Hackers using Google Translate domain to carry out attack

Criminals conducting phishing attacks wish to throw people off their guard so that they will use fear, fascination, or false jurisdiction so as to make the sufferer take an action and question the situation afterwards

OnePlus TV or OnePlus 7? OnePlus schedules MWC 2019 event

The OnePlus event at the MWC could also have something to do with the OnePlus Smart TV that was under development later last year. It could also be the 5G smartphone which will come as an upgrade over the OnePlus 6T with Snapdragon X50 modem and a Snapdragon 8150 chipset for processing.

Sachin Tendulkar launches India’s first Multiplayer VR Cricket Game

Sachin Saga VR allows players to test their batting reflexes facing bowlers delivering balls at over 150KPH which are tracked with real-time physics from pitch to wicketkeeper. The Limited Edition headset comes with the Sachin Saga VR game and support for over 3,000 apps compatible with Google Cardboard.

Kabadonline lets you sell your scrap online direct from your home

Users selling on Kabadonline.com or through the app will receive 10 percent more money than the market rate on the junk. The service also promises to use a digital scaling machine to measure the amount of the scrap material being sold. Kabadonline assures that verified vendors will be available 24x7 across all areas.

Magnetic pole shifting: Compasses in mobile phones will behave weirdly

The magnetic north pole is drifting about 34 miles a year. It crossed the international date and departs from the Canadian Arctic on the road to Siberia. So the question arises, who'll be affected?

Facebook shoots down data breach claim, says users knowingly sold their privacy

In an attempt to fight back claims of privacy breach, Facebook has released a memo stating that while it encouraged customers to download the app, it mere did make use of data. The company said that the Facebook Research VPN app didn’t even extract data that most cookies do.