• 13:44 Aug ,18, 2018


Latest Digital News


Flipkart Plus to emulate Amazon Prime in India

The reward-based service will allow customers early access to major sale events like Flipkart’s Big Billion Days and Big Shopping Days as well as free and faster delivery services. Flipkart will also be rolling out a ‘Plus-points’ scheme with every order which will unlock more deals and discounts.


Reliance Retail set to challenge Flipkart, Amazon with its new online platform

Reliance Digital has introduced an online portal for the sales of smartphones and other electronics. The company is planning to make its presence felt in the e-commerce domain with heavy discounts on different products ranging from smartphones to televisions to other electronics.

Apple patent hints wireless charging between iPhones and MacBooks

The patent reveals that the wireless charging feature on these future devices will indeed be possible through “inductive charging between electronic devices”. Apple also detailed what the setup would look like showing schematics of the upcoming technology where an iPhone is kept on top of an iPad.

Samsung unveils new display: Unbreakable and flexible

Samsung claimed that the unbreakable display has passed through military-standard durability tests in real-time and has managed to match up to the quality grade set by the US Department of Defense. The panel is indeed a flexible OLED display which is made of an unbreakable substrate and fixed to an overlay window.

Qualcomm to take on Huawei’s GPU Turbo

Qualcomm has now teased its own version of the technology and might eventually call it Adreno Turbo, which interprets that the next piece of technology will be based on Qualcomm’s Adreno range of GPUs. The news comes as a teaser from Qualcomm China which indicated the terms “smarter”, “cooler” and “smoother”.

Google Docs now employs AI to correct your grammatical mistakes

Google Docs will use advanced machine learning to detect simple grammatical errors on spot as well as issues arising while structuring long sentences. The Google Docs update will be initially available for Early Adopter Program members and will also make you learn to apply subordinate clauses over time.


Flipkart to shut down eBay India soon, to start a new platform for refurbished goods

Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy in an email to the company’s employees has revealed that the company will launch a new platform that will be meant to sell refurbished goods in India. eBay India, on its Transition FAQ page, has announced that the website will stop accepting new orders from August 14.

Google Translate renders gibberish into scary end-of-the-world passages

Google Translate is rendering illogical words in well-scripted passages with some inputs being detectable when translating from a certain language. For example typing the word “dog” repeatedly and choosing to translate the text from Maori to English will get you end-of-the-world sounding passages.

Google Move Mirror: An AI experiment that tags your dance moves with pictures on the internet

Move Mirror will match the closest match to each of your poses and will line these images next to your own as you move around, in real-time, which are strung together like a flipbook. The result, you ask? A video that plays different people imitating you while you pose in front of your camera.

WhatsApp limits message forwarding to tackle misinformation

WhatsApp is testing a limit forwarding feature which will restrict the number of people or groups you can send a forwarded message to, simultaneously. While the limit is kept at 20 for users worldwide, the same has been reduced to just 5 in India following over a dozen lynchings in the country.