• 16:34 Oct 19, 2018


Latest Applications News


Twitter Lite now available in India with push notifications, data saver

Twitter lite, like most skinned apps, is designed to load faster on slower cellular connections like 2G & 3G and also take up a smaller footprint on lower end phones that several users might be limited to. The company hopes to address the needs of those users who’re used to lower bandwidth in developing countries.


PUBG Mobile Lite for budget devices will make its way to India soon

Having launched at the start of this year, PUBG Mobile is only playable on Android devices that are powerful enough to handle the demanding game that it is. Enter. PUBG Lite, the newest offering from Tencent Games, developed specifically for lower-to-midrange smartphones.

WhatsApp Status to soon show ads, picture-in-picture mode coming to Android

Facebook is planning to finally monetise WhatsApp Messenger with the company’s own advertising system. The ads will be shown in a similar fashion as we have seen on Instagram. The report further highlights that companies might keep copies of the exchanged messages in a decrypted state.

YouTube testing Instagram Stories like section

YouTube’s imitation of the Stories section doesn’t stop there as the feature itself looks similar in UI to the one of Instagram. The only way you’d be able to distinguish an Instagram or YouTube story is through the red-ring that surrounds a new Story which is apparent to the main colour of the brand that is YouTube.

WhatsApp Payments faces a new hurdle in India

The Indian government has asked WhatsApp to open up an office in India first and only it will be able to roll out its payments services in the country. The government has asked for RBI’s views on whether payment solutions controlled remotely violate its rules or not. This will further delay the rollout of the service.

WhatsApp finally rolls out group video calling to iOS, Android

All WhatsApp users as of today, be it on Android or iOS, will be able to use group calling with audio or video. The company also announced that users spend over 2 billion minutes in WhatsApp calls per day which can now be shared among four people at the same time.


YouTube Originals to launch in India soon, will it challenge Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos?

YouTube is planning to introduce some of its original content on YouTube Premium, which is a monthly-based subscription service. However, there will be free content available to users, though it will be driven by advertisement.

Has Apple bowed to the the orders of TRAI?

Apple has been refusing to add TRAI’s DND app to its App Store citing that it breaches company’s policy of handling information to third-party applications. However, it seems TRAI has the final say and the Cupertino-based giant will implement DND app on its smartphones and tablets.

Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps from Play Store

Google can now also remove apps which copy other app’s features without adding any single unique feature of its own. Additionally, Google from now on will be restricting an app that “facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition, or certain firearms accessories”.

Amazon adds Alexa Cast to play music on Echo from your smartphone

The feature will be included as an update to the Amazon Music app on Android and iOS with a dedicated icon for Alexa Cast which will take you to the Now Playing screen. Alexa Cast will make sure your music is in sync and you can listen to the music on the phone when leaving your house.

YouTube latest bug makes it harder to use progress bar on Android

With the latest update now comes a new bug that makes it difficult for users to move a video forward or backwards on Android. YouTube has acknowledged this bug and that has promised that it will soon roll out a fix to solve this issue. Users can still slide the red button that sits on the progress bar.


Google reveals new upcoming features for YouTube Music

The company says that it will provide better audio quality and ability to select the quality for downloading and streaming on the streaming applications. The app will be updated with Sonos and Android Auto support. The company is currently rolling out SD card support for Android on its music app.

Instagram working on non-SMS, two-factor authentication to protect against SIM hacking

Through this feature apps like Google Authenticator will generate new token for a limited time and users can simply use username and password along with the token to securely login into their accounts. The company is rolling out a new feature that allow users with public account to manually remove a follower.

Google Assistant rolls out visual snapshot to take you through the day

Visual Snapshot will help users go through their day by offering them carefully sorted content that is based on a user’s location, recent searches and time of the day, all of which will be visible inside the Google Assistant. The update is currently being rolled out for iOS and Android devices in all languages.

Yahoo Messenger shuts down after 20 years of long run

Users still clinging to the messaging service will be redirected to Yahoo Squirrel, a new instant messaging application. The app is invite-only service and the company claims that it is currently an invite-only, but the brand will open it to everyone shortly. The app is available on Android and iOS.