• 04:46 Dec 14, 2018


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Travel startup Guiddoo secures $800K in pre-funding

Additionally, Guiddoo will be commencing China operations by Feb 2019 and also strengthen its portfolio by adding new destinations under its ‘customised packages’ offering. This is possible due to the recent capital raise of over $800,000 which the startup has managed to achieve in Pre-Series A funding.


Apple incorporates TRAI’s DND app to avoid ban on iPhones in India

The TRAI DND - Do Not Disturb will allow Indian users to report and bar texts and unwanted calls from a given number. To put things into perspective, the Indian government first released the DND app on Google’s Play Store back in 2016 but Apple didn’t allow the app available until now stating privacy concerns.

Instagram now allows you to share Stories only to your ‘close friends’

Instagram will let you create a single private list of your best friends through search and suggestions and allow you to share more intimate stories with them, and not everyone. While viewing a Story as a ‘close friend’, you'll be greeted with a green badge, indicating that you’re viewing a Close Friends-only content.

YouTube is rolling out Stories feature to a wider creator-base

Stories on Instagram last up to a day but YouTube Stories will last for up to seven days on the mobile app. A creator’s story will be available to subscribers as well as non-subscribers and will also be displayed in the “Up Next” section beside the main video tile.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Season 4 starts today with mission cards, new faces, weapons

PUBG Mobile’s fourth season doesn’t require downtime and unlocks the Ranked season and Royal Pass season right away. A new season means PUBG will not take into account scores and rankings from its last season, allowing every user to start with a clean slate and equal chance to rise through the game.

Instagram is removing fake follows, likes, comments to curb inauthenticity

Instagram revealed that it’s taking necessary steps to limit accounts that use third-party apps to gain inauthentic follows, comments and likes in order to boost popularity. The platform will now identify accounts using these services and alert them about the removal of their fake likes, follows and comments.


Facebook adds an ‘unsend’ feature for Messenger on iOS and Android

Labelled as ‘Unsend’, the new feature will allow users to delete a text within 10 minutes of the original message being sent. Facebook will retain a copy of the unsent message for a short duration to ensure the message did not violate any policy standards and thus prevent harassers from covering their tracks.

WhatsApp to soon bring Add Contact and QR code for contact sharing

The features are still under testing and cannot be accessed by Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp is rolling out Stickers, Swipe-to-reply, testing PiP mode on Android

WhatsApp is launching sticker packs created by their own designers and a selection of stickers from other artists. Developers can build sticker apps that add stickers to WhatsApp on Android or iOS and then publish their sticker app like any other app to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Facebook now rolling out new Messenger 4 app update

The update will bring simplified messaging experience by removing some of the clutter users have complained about and focusing on the most important features that consumers often use.