• 00:55 May 27, 2019


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Microsoft's Zune will continue to live in some other form

Despite good support from Microsoft in promotion, Zune music player never quite made it as a strong competitor for iPod.

3G enabled camera from Sony on its way

Sony already has a WiFi camera, so the 3G enabled camera is the logical next step, wherein users can Geo-tag the photos too.

70 per cent mobiles globally will cost less than Rs 4500

The demand for new handset is set to grow to 2.58 billion units a year, driven by replacement market which will contribute 94 percent of this growth.

ZTE launches world's fastest 3G USB modem

MF680 is the first dual carrier HSPA+ mobile broadband device that provides download and upload speeds of up to 42Mbps and 5.76Mbps respectively.

Tips to keep your smartphone safe

Cell phones are becoming very smart, but at the same time they are becoming fragile. You need to take good care to keep them in good condition.

MTS launches Mblaze service in Gujarat

MTS rolled out its high speed mobile broadband service MBlaze in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Surat, Gandhinagar, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Kodinar and Verawal in Gujarat.

Qualcomm partners Gameloft to improve mobile gaming experience

Both these companies are now working to optimise Gameloft's premier games for Android-based devices.

Vodafone brings internet to TV

The keyboard brings internet to regular TV, and it compresses data by about 90 per cent to ease network load.

Latest update for the Kindle adds real page numbers

The software update has been made available only for the latest generation of the Kindle (with software version 3.0.3 and earlier) readers.

Apple gets new screws to prevent unauthorised repairs

Apple is switching to a new, non standard tamper resistant screw and unless you work at an Apple service centre, you're probably going to find it extremely difficult to repair your Apple device.

IBM and ARM to improve smartphone battery life

As consumer demand for high power in small devices increases, designing the processor is becoming increasingly challenging.

True Blue Voice launches Bluetooth headsets in India

True Blue Voice has launched three inexpensive new Bluetooth headsets.

Eight legged freak for tablets!

Breffo has launched a flexible tablet stand called Spiderpodium Tablet, which allows users to grip, stand, hang, or attach their tablet virtually anywhere.

Freescale brings quad core performance to smartphones

Semiconductor giant Freescale has announced a new energy efficient processor family with the option of one, two and four cores, each running at 1.2 GHz.

Are Nokia and Microsoft going to be allies

Russian technology blogger Eldar Murtazin says Nokia and Microsoft are discussing a possible alliance that may prove to be a huge blow to MeeGo.