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Top 5 Indie games you must try on your iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 brings more real-estate, so enjoy some of the most fantastic Indie games on your brand new device.

Many big game developers are offering mobile games in the Apple App Store. Neck to neck with these games are also titles by independent game developers, who have offered great games with great looking graphics and engaging game play. Now we do know that these games might have a glitch or two since there are just one or sometimes a couple of guys working on them.

Indie games are fun because they are based on some of the most abstract game ideas. With the new iPhone 5 now being available almost everywhere you certainly should try out these Indie games on its large display. Here is a list of popular Indie games that we recommend.

Tiny Wings

Imagine the life of a bird with smaller than usual wings; it is indeed a tough life. This simple looking game has nice graphics with adorable characters and great colour tones. The bird has to use the hills to take a high jump and flap its tiny wings to fly as far as possible. Yes, this is when you feel a bit frustrated with gravity. The player gets to be mama bird or one of the four small birdies who have to flap through the skies that load with procedural graphics. This game gets a special mention as it has 15 hand designed levels in the Flight School mode.

It is an award winning game and brings fun and freedom from stress. All you have to do is tap and make the bird fly. Get the Tiny Wings game for just Rs 55 from the Apple App store.

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