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Top 5 budget music phones for March 2012

Need a good music centric budget phone? Check out these to help you buy the best one in your range.

Usually, low end phones are associated with the most basic functionalities like calling and SMS, but with evolving technology, basic phones have upgraded themselves by incorporating many new features and they are thus now known as feature phones.

These devices still offer very basic functionality but at the same time have features such as FM, MP3 players and even GPRS or WAP (Web Access through Phone).

While smartphones are becoming popular with each passing day, many users still prefer feature phones, especially for their music playback capabilities.

To help you out in this regard, here we have listed the top five budget music phones that range from Rs 1,400 to Rs 6,000.

Nokia 101 (Price Rs 1,445)

With its dual SIM capability, Nokia 101 makes it convenient for consumers to access calls and texts over two different networks. Additionally, consumers can stay entertained on the move with the integrated MP3 player and FM radio. With its 103 phon (a unit of sound measurement) loudspeaker, users can easily share their music with the people around them and can also carry their entire music collection with the 8 GB expandable memory.

Nokia 101 also features SIM manager functionality that allows users to select which SIM card to use to make a call or send a text message, while helping them manage costs as well. In addition, the SIM manager also allows users to store settings of up to five SIM cards on the phone, and to personalise them by assigning names and logos for each SIM setting.

First Published : Monday, March 26, 2012 - 00:00
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