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Top Five Action Games for Android

The list is in no order of preference and all games are free to download.

Smartphones are one of the most used devices for gaming today after consoles beating the conventional gaming done on PCs. And as a fun fact, Gaming helps reduce stress, enhance coordination and increase your memory. Though not an ideal way of spending time according to our parents, playing games on a smartphone can help you get that perfect escape from the real world in no time. Today, we have picked up a bunch of Action Games for you to try. The list has been selected on the basis of graphics, gameplay, size (memory) and interface. The list is in no order of preference. Also, all the games are free to download though some of them might come with in-app purchases.

Modern Combat 5

Starting the list, not with this game would have been unfair. This game from Gameloft is the best First Person Shooter game right now on PlayStore. Don't get fooled by the download size (46.28 MB) displayed on the PlayStore, the game is pretty heavy and you will have to download more once you run the game for the first time. Modern Combat 5 comes with a perfect blend of Graphics and Gameplay.

The Gameplay on this game is super easy and one can get used to it in a matter of minutes. The User-Interface is neat and organised as well and occasional guide let you explore different menus time to time. However, one downside is that you have to download each level separately apart from regular updates available on PlayStore. So we would recommend you not play this game on Mobile Data. Also, you need internet connection all the time as your progress gets saved on Google Play Games.

Nova 3 Freedom Edition

If you don't mind an even bigger size on memory and absolutely want beastly graphics, Nova 3 is the best you can get. This game is all about graphics and we would recommend a mid to high range processor for this game. We ran the game on OnePlus 3 so it went on as smooth as it could run. The Gameplay is also fairly simple and there is no rocket science there. One thing at which this game surely disappoints is the lack of customised interface.

The game is also battery hungry so we would advise you to sit near a power point or carry a power bank on the go. Overall, if you are looking for a Sci-Fi Warfare Graphic heavy game, Nova 3 is the best choice right now on PlayStore. The game weighs around 1.3 GB right now.

Dead Trigger 2

Well, this was a close call. We were confused between Dead Trigger 2 and Unkilled, both of them being from MADFINGER Games. If Zombie killing is what you like, both of these games can serve you till the brim.

Surprisingly, Unkilled is light on weight and a little better on Graphics but it lags behind in terms of Gameplay. Both the games are a lot similar as they have been created by the same brand. You just aim at Zombies to shoot. No Multiple controls, No confusing layouts, Nothing. But the main reason we chose Dead Trigger 2 over Unkilled is the sheer simplicity and fun Gameplay. You are more likely to get addicted to Dead Trigger 2 than Unkilled.

While Dead Trigger 2 weighs around 460 MB on PlayStore, Unkilled comes in at about 369 MB. Both the games are also easy on battery so that's a plus point as well.

First Published : Monday, November 28, 2016 - 11:12
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