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Top 5 Must have free apps on Android for India

If you are living in India or happen to visit India, these are the five must have applications on your Android smartphone.

India has been blessed with large number of smartphones running Google Android mobile operating system. After the purchase, mobile apps play a crucial role in keeping the user enthused and engaged with the mobile phone. Recently there has been a rise of India centric Android apps in the Google Play store.

The concept of paying for an app is slowly picking up in India, mostly in the well-informed and educated users. However, there are certain apps developed by Indian based companies and meant specifically for the Indian audience. Well of course, anyone visiting from outside India can easily make the best of these applications to enjoy their trip.

Here is a selection of five apps that we believe are really nice and must have on your phone to enjoy some of the best services being offered in India.


Indians love food and there is nothing better than an app that gives you all details about a restaurant close to you with recommendations of recipes and even reviews. The Zomato app is an extension of its online presence for the mobile phone users who love to grab a bite whenever they can.

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Zomato allows the user to register for creating a profile and maintaining an activity for rating, recommending, and writing reviews on the restaurants visited.

The Zomato app offers clean and neat user interface with ample amount of information right from approximate cost of the meal to the map to reach to the restaurant. For anyone who loves food and likes checking out new food junctions must have the Zomato app from the Google Play store.

First Published : Thursday, February 07, 2013 - 00:00
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