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Top 5 free Android keyboard apps

Don't like the stock Android keyboard? Don't worry, as these keyboards make sure that whatever you type is typed better and faster.

The stock Android keypad has improved a lot with spelling suggestions and multiple language support in most old and new devices. But users always need something more, and that is the reason why there are plenty of third party keyboard solutions available today for Android devices, which offer spelling corrections, multiple language support, unique input system (rather than the old tap-tap) and more. But of so many, which is the one you should opt for? Either you can go ahead and try each and every one of them to decide what you really need or as simple as it can be, just read on as we help you decide the best one for you. Here we present the top 5 free Android keyboard alternatives that you can consider for your device in place of the stock keyboard.

Swype Keypad

Although touchscreens today support multi point touch input systems, users still mostly get through tasks using one finger. Well, Swype adds all the more power to that finger, making it mightier than ever. Swype utilizes swipe to input technology to register words and enter in the desired field, as opposed to tapping fingers on the screen. Swype keypad for Android comes with next word prediction, support for voice input, split keypad for bigger screen devices and dictionary support as well.

The Swype keypad also supports Hinglish (Hindi+English) for users who love to mix up a few words or create new ones. Swype keypad contains unique adaptive capabilities that enable it to understand users' preferences and typing patterns over time. This allows the application to become smarter and more personalized every time it is used.

Swype users can switch between different modes of input as per their need, thereby getting the maximum level of personalization for devices. Although the application is supported fully by Android devices it's not available at the Google Play Store, but users can get the app through the Swype store at beta.swype.com.

First Published : Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 00:00
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