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Devices What is the main difference between hand set and tablet phones?

Mobile and tablets are two devices that are also two of the commonest gadgets that people use to communicate and connect with the rest of the world. Only a year and a half, we only had mobiles, smartphones at that. But then Apple introduced a totally new device called iPad, and the world has not been the same again. Today, virtually all mobile manufacturers are involved in making tablets, and the concept has caught the imagination of people the world over. There are many differences between a mobile and a tablet though that will be highlighted in this article. A tablet is a mini computer, and can perform most of the functions that one can perform on his laptop. One can surf the net, take pictures, chat with friends, use it as an eBook reader and send and receive emails. He can also perform some basic computing functions, and watch videos and listen to MP3 or songs from the net as he can on a laptop. If anything, a tablet, having a smaller 7-10 inch screen and very small weight is much more portable than a laptop or even a notebook. However, it is not a mobile, which is a device mainly, used for its function of making and receiving voice calls

News and General whether is it possible to convert java operating system into android or Symbian OS.

dear friend it is not possible to do such things

Service providers and Tariff plans Which is the Cheapest Android Phone in India? & Why ?

many cheapest phone came but most cheast tablet with android is akash taablet and bsnl also launch its cheapest tablet but most trusted companies are samsung, apple, nokia whose products are little expensive but they provide customer care services anywhere in the world

News and General Heavy discount codes for online shopping sites??

discount coupon when you sign in on the online shopping site . When you jjoin on it will give you a 250 rs discount coupon and 1250 rs discont coupon when you invite friend to the site for purchase. Many other sites like bagittoday, hs18 , seventymm will provide discount coupon

News and General I am planning to buy a smartphone this New Year . Please guide me which is the best Android or Symbian, Nokia or Other Brands, Having Maximum Features, etc. My budget is around Rs.13,000/- .

i think galaxy y is the best featured phone with price 7000-8000 but nokia c6 price nearly 13000 sony ericson also lie in this catagory