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Extras and Accessories Which is the best Cell phone touch screen to Buy with all features And with all Low Cost?

Since you have not provided any info about your exact budget,preferable brand or specifications,so i am gonna make a quick list of all the cell phones that i can find: Nokia - Nokia C6,Nokia c5-03,Nokia 5230,Nokia 5233, (For more info visit Samsung - Galaxy pop S5570,Corby 2 S3850,Corby tv F339,Mpower text M369 (For more info visit LG - T515,T325,Cookie Joy T300,GD880 (For more info visit These are the brands that i trust other then that if u want to try any other brand let me know and i will provide you with more information.......

News and General The Aakash Tablet is said to support 32GB external memory. What is really that and how much more would that cost?

In this context "External memory" means External memory card. Apart from its internal memory(2GB) Aakash (tablet) has been loaded with a memory card slot which can support "MINI SD" cards from 2GB to 32GB...... As for the cost,It may vary from Rs.300-Rs 3000. Depending upon the capacity and the brands.... ,

Devices Can anyone tell me top ten ANDROID application?

Here's a quick list of all the best application i could find: Top 10 Free Apps: 1.Kindle - Book reading application 2.SkyFire - web browser 3.Google Voice - voicemail transcription, free texting, cheap international calling and more 4.EverNote - the ultimate, centralized notebook and note creation system 5.Barcode Scanner - scan books, movies, and music to quickly get information and pricing 6.Lookout - Antivirus program 7.Facebook - you know the drill, get your social network fix 8.Layar Reality Browser - see overlays on your camera as you scan the real world and get up to date information on it 9.Mint - Business related application 10.Places Directory - like AroundMe, Places Directory lets your know of restaurants, movie theaters, and more in the area Top 10 Paid Apps: 1.Root Explorer - File explorer (But here i suggest u go for Xplore by Lonely Cat Games...Its better and Free...) 2.Advanced Task Manager - Task manager 3.Beautiful Widgets - customize your device with tons of skins and widgets 4.SetCPU for Root Users - overclock, underclock and tweak your device’s performance 5.MyBackUp Pro - System backup application 6.CacheMate for Root Users - the best cache clearing app currently available 7.Sound Hound - like Shazam,find music instantly by letting your device listen 8.Dropbox - sync files between your computers and your mobile 9.LogMeIn Ignition - access your computers remotely from your phone 10.DroidAnalytics - keep on top of all your blogs and websites with this solid Google Analytics client

Devices What is the latest model of Nokia?

The latest and the best, Nokia X7.Its a high end cellphone with 680 MHz ARM 11 processor and the latest Symbian Anna OS.If the budget is not a problem,then i suggest u go for it.

Devices Are there any security risks related to cell phones?

Indeed there are.As already stated Privacy Risks with Cell Phones,Risks of Eavesdropping,Risks of Recording,Traffic Analysis,Geolocation,Downloaded code,Recovery of deleted messages... Apart from that i want u to have a look at this video :

Service providers and Tariff plans which antivirus is best for java base mobil?

To my knowledge there is no need of an antivirus software for java.I have been using a java phone from the past 7 years and never had a virus problem.yaa.other cellophane OSes like symbian,android etc do face this problem.It once occurred to me,i connected my java phone to a virus infected computer.Virus entered into my phone memory but caused no damage to the phone.But it can happen that if u connect such a phone to another computer,virus may spread.U have no reasons to worry about ,just make sure that the computer u connect ur phone with is virusfree,so that the virus may not spread to another systems.

Service providers and Tariff plans Which network offers 3G for lowest cost?

BSNL 3G is the cheapest and the best.I do confess that other 3g services like Tata photon+,Tata docomo can be a bit faster but the data rates are way too high.So i suggest u go for it.

Extras and Accessories Is NOKIA C5 is equiped with a expandable memory of 32 GB uh ?

The new nokia c5-5mp can support 32gb micro sd cards......older versions can handle only upto 16gb.....

Extras and Accessories i want to download youtube videos on this possible via phone?

Heres a java application that might help Download link: I use nokia c5 and it works for me.....Since its a java application it can run on any phone that supports java....

News and General when we get into internet . i think someone is taking my data in my phone . i think google or other company is taking my personal data for checking. is this true ???? is their any other site or something which can hack our data ??? if so how can we stop it

Any reputed sites like Google,Facebook etc never interfere with the personal data of their users.Its a company policy.Unless u don't visit some malicious websites like Porn sites,Sites about hacking ,warez sites etc ,there is no threat of data theft.As for ur concern, as already stated keep ur browser and antivirus updated and u don't have to worry about anything.