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why dont we use imei number as our phone number?

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There is usualy a need to get a device type, brand, model, operating system, frequency bands, display size and other characteristics for mobile device from IMEI number for different purposes (user phone type analysis, user phone operating system analysis for different applications platform, device detection tool, marketing campaigns, device type restrictions for data traffic included in bundles) it is important to get information about users device used in network.
Posted: 26-03-2012 @ 12:51:24
n short, we don't want your private information. ... Phone number: Most mobile technology companies use this. ... IMEI number: “IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique number given to every.
Posted: 24-03-2012 @ 15:23:09
IMEI number means international mobile equipment identity . It is a unique number for identifying the mobile phone it is a sixteen digit number you can check it by dialing *#06# from ur mobile . But without a sim card we cnt call 2 any number exept emdrgency number. Thus mobile number dependr on users sim card . Imei dependr on the mobile phone alro mobile number does not exeed 10 digit exept country codes ro we cnt use imei as mobile number
Posted: 28-09-2011 @ 18:09:24
IMEI number consist of phone details also it has 16 digit.also we can't identify the provider as well.mail reason we are not ising IMEi as phone number is that many companies are making phone by fake or without IMEI number.
Posted: 28-09-2011 @ 16:34:54
because it is not contain any provider that we use to talk to people....and it is a unique number given to phon .......
Posted: 27-09-2011 @ 14:38:10
can not be used
Posted: 08-07-2011 @ 16:51:51
IMEI no. belongs to handset and phone no. belongs to service provider' sim, so both are different, we can.t make saprate the IMEI number from the handset. if suppose IMEI number will be a mobile number then we we can not change our phone number untill change the handset.
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 16:48:57
We went get signal and network for it
Posted: 01-07-2011 @ 14:46:09
we wnt get signal and network 4 it
Posted: 30-06-2011 @ 09:18:32
because it is not contain any provider that we use to talk to people....and it is a unique number given to phon .......
Posted: 30-06-2011 @ 02:23:52
because imei number is very long number and difficult to remember,
Posted: 29-06-2011 @ 16:33:11
INTERNATIONAL MOBILE EQUIPMENT IDENTITY(IMEI) is a uniqe code that given to a mobile phone for the identification of that is only an identification code. it helps to unlock phones when we forget the password.As phone number.and every sim has the unique no.It contains more than 10 digits thus we cant use imei no.
Posted: 29-06-2011 @ 13:18:18
Because of it only mobile identification no.
Posted: 29-06-2011 @ 13:05:57
Because it is for only mobile handset identification no.
Posted: 29-06-2011 @ 13:03:53
Posted: 29-06-2011 @ 11:45:01
Because it a handset modem identity number.
Posted: 29-06-2011 @ 09:28:21
it is too long number that we can't remember quickly.
Posted: 29-06-2011 @ 01:27:58