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why apple iphone is cheaper in USA than in India?

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An Iphone 5 (16 Gb) which cost around 45k in India will only cost you 199$ in US . Why is iPhone so costly in India ? Some of you may think it’s because of tax but it’s not . The only reason it is more cheaper in US is only because it's subsidies by the mobile carrier like verizon at&t and T-mobile.. source
Posted: 31-08-2013 @ 19:21:06
due to tax dude
Posted: 20-08-2012 @ 09:49:24
Say me why the tifi connections where made?
Posted: 08-04-2012 @ 09:08:01
bro in simple words because of tax TAX TAX and more tax by the government and people still think India is still not the most advanced country in the world so they launch phones quite late in India and launch it at a very high price and of no support of the Indian government regards vivek
Posted: 04-04-2012 @ 13:01:14
iPhone 4S - 16 GB is priced at Rs. 44,500 ( $ 855 as per the exchange rate on Nov 21, 2011) For a comparison, the iPhone 4S 16 GB - unlocked model is priced at $649 in USA. Also, the USD is at a record high now. At an average of $ 1 - INR 45, the 4S's Indian price is $988
Posted: 04-04-2012 @ 10:00:32