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which smartphone i should buy.. whether it is HTC desire,N8,E7 or blackberry bold...i m totally confused...can u help me out from this problem....want a good smartphone with good feature..

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first of all note down all your needs and then compare these phones and then which meets your need then buy that one.
Posted: 07-01-2014 @ 14:19:01
Htc desire is the best choise among your options.blackberry bold also good its suituable for business....
Posted: 05-01-2014 @ 16:21:07
samsung galaxy is better suits for your has a wide touch screen with multiple touch functionality.
Posted: 16-03-2011 @ 17:58:15
samsung galaxy s
Posted: 16-03-2011 @ 17:55:31
All phones that you have mentioned fall under a different category. There is no comparison among the two. But still the suggestion goes out for Nokia N8 for its good features and low price.
Posted: 14-03-2011 @ 13:33:30