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which operating system is best one after andriod!!!

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Android 4.4 KitKat OS
Posted: 15-11-2013 @ 10:25:25
iOS will be the best operating system after android for u.
Posted: 15-11-2013 @ 01:59:23
windows 8 will be better after android os
Posted: 10-11-2013 @ 18:31:01
windows 8 will be better after android os
Posted: 05-11-2013 @ 22:21:18
Posted: 05-11-2013 @ 11:33:55
if u are talking about user interface then its windows, otherwise ios latest os is nearly same as androidd in terms of ui
Posted: 25-10-2013 @ 13:09:58
apple ios 7 is the best os after android because, apple app store has all the latest apps and games; other os like windows store users have to purchase by credit cards for full version of apps.
Posted: 11-10-2013 @ 11:16:22
Posted: 05-10-2013 @ 10:31:13
ios is more good then android ..but its little bit costly..
Posted: 26-06-2013 @ 19:34:06
If you're in the market for a newsmartphone, choosing which one to buy has much to do with the operating system that runs the phone as with the hardware itself. To help you decide, I put the latest versions of the three top mobile operating systems through their paces: Android 2.3, Windows Phone 7 and iOS 4.3. I think If there is Any System After Andriod is Only and Only "IOS" How it is best i explain you Unless you want to jailbreak your iPhone , there's just one place to download and install apps for iOS -- the Apple App Store. It's simple to browse and search for downloads, and it's easy to install them once you've found them. Apple's policy is a two-edged sword. On one hand, it may in fact ensure that users get higher quality apps that aren't likely to cause problems on their devices. On the other hand, Apple doesn't apply its rules in a consistent manner.
Posted: 27-02-2013 @ 10:35:07
Posted: 23-02-2013 @ 20:03:14
Posted: 23-02-2013 @ 20:02:10
Ios & windows
Posted: 20-02-2013 @ 20:04:27
after android its ios
Posted: 15-02-2013 @ 22:14:38