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which mobile is very cheapest wit 3g option ?

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Answers (12)
nokia 5230....
Posted: 30-05-2012 @ 12:35:49
nokia 2730 classic & samsung hero 3213 are cheapest 3g available for 3000 - 3500 rs.
Posted: 28-09-2011 @ 15:20:00
nokia 2700 classic its a best 3g mobile nd also with low cost
Posted: 20-09-2011 @ 19:01:55
THERE ARE LOT OF MOBILE WHICH AVILABLE IN 3G AND CHEAP ALSO . HERE LIST OF 10 CHEAPEST 3G MOBILE IN INDIA. Lemon W100 @2690. SAMSUNG HERO E3213 @3070. Nokia 2730 Classic @3450. Spice G-6500 @3734. Onida F970 @3802. Samsung C5130 @3849. Nokia C2-01 @3893. Micromax H360 @ 4210. Sony Ericsson Cedar @4250. LG GU285 @ 4599.
Posted: 18-09-2011 @ 12:12:11
Sony Ericsson J105i Naite is best. But signal strength is 20% weak in this mobile. If your in a place with good signal strength buy it. Since its a green heart mobile it has good battery.
Posted: 02-09-2011 @ 15:06:37
very chepeast phone is samsung hero 3g phone
Posted: 01-09-2011 @ 11:58:26
Samsung Hero 3G with rs 3300+,...because of it is still a HSDPA high speed 3G phone and not a low speed UMTS phone like other cheap 3G mobiles. You can avail up to 3.6 Mbps downloading speed with this mini master HSDPA 3G mobile.
Posted: 31-08-2011 @ 13:58:23
Sony Ericsson J105i Naite
Posted: 31-08-2011 @ 11:23:11
The new nokia c2 01 is undoubtedly the cheapest 3g handset available in India and maybe the world over. The set just costs something above rs 3800 and has got 3g support. You are bound to have a great browsing experience with the handset as the device is specially meant for enhanced gprs experience. The drawback is that the handset does not support hsdpa which is the one factor responsible for high gprs speeds in 3g connection. I cannot exactly explain how but its important for 3g. However you definitely have better speed than an average 2g handset.
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 21:23:38
2730 is the cheapest mobile with 3g from Nokia . Samsung Hero E3213 is the cheapest mobile with 3g from Samsung. Sony Ericsson Cedar is the cheapest mobile with 3g from Sony Ericsson. frnd, you can buy any these mobile from this top rated brands.
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 20:22:49
nokia 2730 classic..
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 16:23:41
sony ericsson cedar sped upo1 7.2mbps hsdpa and just 4100rs no other phones gives fast 3g speeds like this
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 16:04:24