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which mobile antivirus software is best secure of mobile?

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Nowadays cell phones and smartphones are not only the way we communicate with our families and colleagues, but the neat little devices are also tiny computers, a good music/media player and sometimes a decent video camera. It’s great to hold the latest piece of tech in the palm of your your hand, but at the same time as the mobile gadgets become more powerful, do you ever stop and think about viruses and other malware? Mobile viruses are a reality–it might just be an annoyance, but it could potentially access your personal contacts and files or even cripple your device. There are about 50 viruses that have been identified so far that are specifically targeting mobile phones. Considering that such viruses can render your handset useless, an anti-virus solution capable of protecting your smartphones against vicious virus attack might be a good investment. As usual, when there’s a need there’s a market to cater to it. There are already quite a few antivirus apps available that protect your smartphone from viruses. Some apps are free of charge and some come with a small price tag attached. Here we will discuss some of the top antivirus programs that are both effective and popular; Norton’s antivirus, F-secure Mobile Antivirus, McAffee virus scan mobile and Kapersky Antivirus are the top competitors. These solutions have been developed solely for different mobile platforms, including Windows, Symbian and Android units. Symantec’s Norton’s antivirus programs can scan your entire mobile device for any known viruses and efficaciously remove it from your phone. Norton’s antivirus app does its job in real time and is also capable of checking for new updates in the background. Norton has become a trusted brand due to its efficiency in covering any operating system from the menaces of malicious code. F-secure mobile antivirus is the simplest of all apps, with a user interface that makes it easier to work with. It can scan both the memory card and the system drives for any strange activity. If any file is ascertained as corrupted or malicious during the scanning process, the antivirus program keeps it in isolation to defend the phone from damage. It acts like a safeguard for the phone’s ecosystem by incorporating both an antivirus and a firewall. It will also update itself automatically through your regular data connection. McAfee Virus Scan Mobile is the latest one on offer from McAfee. The application will not only scan your device, but also detect and clean your mobile data from corrupted files which may be the result of instant messaging or incomplete downloads. Kaspersky’s mobile antivirus program is likewise capable of capturing the malicious files with a comprehensive scanning algorithm and subsequently remove them. A mobile security solution is slowly but certainly becoming an essential addition to our mobile devices. However, before choosing a particular antivirus program, make sure that your model supports it.
Posted: 15-02-2012 @ 19:31:48
try NetQuin mobile anti virus and mobile guard.. its better than anything and also the best thing is its free.. premuim version can be awailable if u have money.
Posted: 14-02-2012 @ 19:36:04
Just reset your handset it works like a new phone
Posted: 16-08-2011 @ 22:47:05
Protecting The Smart-phone is a good option to stay Protected form all Sort of Threats like viruses ,spy ware,t Trojan ,and hacking .You Need to have a Security Software which can guarantee full protection form all this kind of threats .I advice you to install "Netqin Mobile Security" It is available for All the ,Nokia Smart phones (Symbian) ,Android Smart-phones (Samsung Galaxy series ,Lg Optimums series ,etc ) ,blackberry smart-phones ,and Windows Mobiles It's free with essential features !!! If you liked the Anti-virus then you can buy the premium version with advance feature
Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 19:43:51
Quickhill is the best for pc or laptop that remove viruses from mobile,mobile security,is best secure of mobile antivirus software
Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 18:04:33
kaspersky and quickhill antivirus are best in security of the mobile to secure the mobile.
Posted: 14-08-2011 @ 19:16:33
Bull Guard mobile security
Posted: 13-08-2011 @ 16:32:01
Quickhill is the best for pc or laptop that remove viruses from mobile also, So inshort we can say that quickhill is the best antivirus software for pc and mobile! Double benifit!
Posted: 11-08-2011 @ 07:43:54
Kaspersky does the job at its best of ways!!!
Posted: 01-07-2011 @ 02:36:24
Bull Guard mobile security
Posted: 19-05-2011 @ 13:37:44