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which is the lowest 3g mobile phone.

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Low cost (Cheap) 3G Mobile Phones in India from Nokia Advertisements: Low cost (Cheap) 3G Mobile Phones in India from Nokia. Now 3G Mobile Phones are in news in India as the 3G network is spreading from metro cities to smaller towns. Most of the users are now buying mobile phones with 3G compatibility which has great features. Here is the list of low price 3G phones from Nokia in India: Nokia 2730 3g mobile phone Nokia 2730 Classic: The cheapest 3G mobile phone in India from Nokia. This mobile is priced at Rs.4199. This mobile also comes with Airtel’s My Data plan which gives 100MB of free data for 3 months. nokia 7230 handset Nokia 7230: This is another 3G phone from Nokia priced at Rs.5714. Operates in a WCDMA data network with a maximum download speed of 384kbps and an upload speed on 384kbps. nokia 5233 photo Nokia 5233: The full touch Nokia phone priced at Rs.6799, which looks like a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone. Has a 3.2 inch touch screen, a 2MP camera with 3x Digital zoom. nokia 5230 touchscreen Nokia 5230: A phone similar to Nokia 5233 but with better 3G capabilities, priced at Rs.7799. Nokia 5230 is also a full touch mobile working on the Nokia S60 5th edition platform.
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Go for nokia
Posted: 10-09-2011 @ 09:38:18
Lemon W100
Posted: 22-07-2011 @ 17:02:19
Lemon W100
Posted: 07-07-2011 @ 11:49:29
Lemon W100
Posted: 07-07-2011 @ 11:39:28
Lemon W 100 (Rs. 3500
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 16:18:15