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which is the best life style phone for the youth in india

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Samsung Galaxy Pop is an entry level Android phone targeted towards youth. For its entry level price it packs quite a punch with 3.14 inch display and 600 Mhz processor. It runs on Android 2.2. It comes with Wi-Fi and 3G and supports full Social Networking, Email and Messaging capabilities. It has a 3MP camera which has decent photo quality. Overall this is one of the best Android phones in its price range and is getting popular among youth & geeks on budget.
Posted: 09-02-2012 @ 11:01:02
samsung galaxy
Posted: 22-05-2011 @ 17:41:30
nokia n8 because it has android graphical settings the graphical range is high
Posted: 18-05-2011 @ 16:24:08
Nokia E7... Sleek, trendy, useful....
Posted: 16-05-2011 @ 23:39:32

samsung galaxy
Posted: 15-05-2011 @ 19:52:38
the choice should be between Androids as they arequick and easy to use and more user friendly compared to any other OS. from my point of view Samsung galaxy ACE,Samsung galaxy pro and samsung galaxy 3 would be best as they have everything and are of small budget.
Posted: 12-05-2011 @ 14:46:40
the best will be any android ranges between 6000 to 15000.
Posted: 12-05-2011 @ 11:12:05
Nokia E7... Sleek, trendy, useful....
Posted: 12-05-2011 @ 09:00:12