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which is the best game temple run or subway-surfers?

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Answers (13)
Both game are good if you are free and looking for some fun and wasting time :P .It actually depends on game ratings which game has more likes that game is best for sure in my opinion :)
Posted: 25-02-2014 @ 12:36:44
tempal run is best
Posted: 23-02-2014 @ 07:12:52
SUBWAY SURFERS is the best game as it provides many locations like rome,sydney,mumbai...etc. and you dont have to sit and play, you can play it on your bet as it doesn't uses accelerometer......
Posted: 13-02-2014 @ 18:45:57
temple run and sub way surfer both are nearly equal games. but Temple run is a HD game with good sound experience.. but both games hangs the phone if we play continuously.. so it is better to restart the mobli or tab after playing this game to keep device away from strucking probs. thanking you
Posted: 11-02-2014 @ 14:40:57
i believe subway surfer, coz both are same kind of a runner game but subway surfer having a facility to complete the lap fast by using JET-PACK also have hoverboard by which you can increase your life, otherwise same enjoyment is there in both but subway surfer become more interesting by mysterybox and head-start. MY CHOICE IS SUBWAY SURFER
Posted: 02-02-2014 @ 16:01:46
Actually both are good but I think timple run is best than the subway surfers
Posted: 19-01-2014 @ 17:47:33
It Depends On Person. if I say Install Both of them, Play it. Best Game is One which you like the most...
Posted: 16-12-2013 @ 12:49:23
Temple run
Posted: 05-10-2013 @ 10:36:04
Both are best at its features. Looking at the cons, Temple run needs accelerometer which makes the game unable to play while laying. Whereas, Subway Surfers doesnt need accelerometer but the running is only in one direction which may make the user feel bored after a long play.
Posted: 11-07-2013 @ 15:48:56
upgrade to temple run 2 which is better than temple run
Posted: 01-07-2013 @ 13:27:09
well its just the thing is that the temple run got really famous but subway surfer is the best becouse you can play the game as temple run but temple run can't be played without accelerometer but you can play subway surfer without it .......................but when we talk about grafics then temple run is you can say temple run have advantage of grafics ........
Posted: 12-06-2013 @ 15:48:01
In my point of view, subway surfers is best . One advantage of subway surfers over temple run is that u can play it without accelerometer.. You can even play it lying in bed:-)
Posted: 31-05-2013 @ 17:34:16
temple run is best
Posted: 27-05-2013 @ 10:21:45