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which is best network for making cheapest international calls??

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Mobile VoIP is an application of VoIP (technologies allowing Voice communications Over the Internet) that allows you to connect to a VoIP network via your mobile phone and make international calls, using a third party provider for the international leg of the call. Savings are typically 90% or more... Expat phone home! A highly recommended VoIP service provider, which provides cheap international calling rates, is Rebtel. Founded in 2006 in Sweden, Rebtel is an award-winning Mobile VoIP provider. Its technology allows you to make mobile-mobile and mobile-land line international calls, and works by creating local land line numbers in both the country of origin and country of destination, and routing the international part of the call over VoIP. For the user, this means only being charged for the cost of a local call, not the expensive international part. Unlike similar providers offering calls over VoIP, calls with Rebtel are made without any additional user-installed software, computers or Internet connections. They also work with any mobile phone and carrier. You can also make free international calls between more than 50 countries. Enjoy maximum calling at minimum rates!
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Posted: 25-08-2011 @ 22:55:53
reliance.....use global calling card
Posted: 24-08-2011 @ 13:25:11
No network is provide as cheapest call rate as must but some of the n/w like vodafone, Bsnl, Airtel has good isd call rate plans. For it they have special monthly tariff voucher! Buy them and use the best isd calls.
Posted: 23-08-2011 @ 07:55:56
in my view vodafone providing the best network for making cheapest international calls............ because it is the international company that which has low tariff rates and attracts all the customers.........
Posted: 21-08-2011 @ 15:05:14
Rs2/10 minutes all country here >>¤cyId=USD&Insert=true <<
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