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which is best mobile in between nokia&samsung?

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Answers (12)
Nokia and Samsung both delivered best smartphones with good specifications at valuable price. It depends on you which one matching your requirements exactly.
Posted: 18-07-2015 @ 11:57:50
Samsung is best phone in performance and also the user friendly to all.
Posted: 24-06-2015 @ 15:21:04
I think nokia is best because many unssuportable apps in samsung may support in nokia
Posted: 11-03-2015 @ 16:52:16
Both are best at their respective terms. But Lava Mobiles is not far from them in terms of market and technology. Now, Lava Mobiles has also launched Windows phone -
Posted: 18-12-2014 @ 16:33:30
Samsung is best mobile in between samsung and nokia
Posted: 13-12-2014 @ 18:07:21
I like Nokia than :))
Posted: 11-12-2014 @ 16:55:03
Samsung is the best phone as per its features. Features of this smart phone will gonna surly attracts you as it has reasonable price value.
Posted: 11-12-2014 @ 16:15:29
When we talk about the best mobile phones in India, Samsung mobiles always top the list. Whether its multimedia phone, dual SIM phone, tablet, Galaxy Note or Smart feature phone, Samsung mobiles are unparalleled. Their features, applications, benefits and technology are unique, and prices highly competitive. Samsung mobiles are always designed with consumers’ requirement in mind.You can check more details at Samsung India site
Posted: 18-11-2014 @ 15:43:14
Well if we think about them, then this question is straightforward about the difference between Windows and Android. Nokia is always known for its durability and the same is still available in the form of Windows Phones. On the other hand, Samsung has tried to showcase its smartphones with different platforms to gain the market, but actually its reputation is not as high as it was few years back. So, all in all, Nokia is the best mobile manufacturing company .
Posted: 13-11-2014 @ 11:09:14

Posted: 10-11-2014 @ 23:14:53
Samsung is better than Nokia as it offers better features.
Posted: 10-11-2014 @ 18:30:52
Samsung has great phones.
Posted: 07-11-2014 @ 17:14:35