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whate is use of maps on offline mode

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To work offline all your mind maps will need to be copied to your local device. This is done automatically by using the online indicator to the left of your name in the toolbar. You will then be presented with the following dialog. Please select the mind maps you want to take offline and click on Take maps offline. A dialog will appear showing the sync progress. During the synchronization process you'll need to stay connected to the Internet. After synchronization, the dialog will close automatically. You are then in offline mode and can disconnect your computer from the Internet. You may leave the browser open or close it. When you want to access your offline maps simply go to You will then be connected to your local, offline version of MindMeister. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Working offline You can edit existing mind maps as well as create new ones ones while you're offline. Other map management features (such as delete or share maps) are disabled in the offline mode. In map view, you can use all map editing features except for Undo / Redo Export Print History Anything else that requires online resources (follow links, Wikipedia etc...) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Going back online You need to explicitly switch MindMeister back to online mode when you are connected to the Internet again using the online indicator to the left of your name in the toolbar. Enter your MindMeister password when prompted and click OK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conflict resolution During synchronization conflicts can happen when the maps that you've edited offline have been modified by someone else online. In this case you will be asked to resolve them by choosing one of the options in the dialog below. Discard changes The online map remains in the current state and your offline changes will be discarded. Save as new map The online version remains untouched and your offline map will be saved as a new map on the server.
Posted: 05-05-2012 @ 15:15:33
Save data charges by using Maps in offline mode To help keep data charges down – for example, if you are travelling abroad – you can use Maps in offline mode. This stops Maps from automatically connecting to the Internet to download new information. In offline mode Maps will still use a data connection to find your position using A-GPS or Wi-Fi networks. To turn this off so that Maps doesn’t use any data traffic at all, change your phone’s Positioning settings. These functions do not work in offline mode: Satellite and Terrain maps Real-time search for addresses and places of interest Real-time traffic and safety updates Share your status, photos and location on Facebook Weather forecasts Local event information from WCities Lonely Planet city guides Michelin restaurant guides Synchronise your locations with Nokia Maps on the internet To switch Maps to offline mode In Maps, select Settings > Internet Select Connection > Offline
Posted: 02-05-2012 @ 15:43:56
In which we can see the maps when you are not connected with internet.The map seen in the offline mode is that which are saved in your past navigation.In offline mode we cant make any search for a new place or navigation.
Posted: 24-10-2011 @ 23:21:23
Although it worked fine the first few times for both driving and walking directions, Nokia Maps is now crashing when I attempt to start a navigation session. I think it may be tied to bad/corrupted landmark data, and here is why: After working fine for a few times, Nokia Maps started hard crashing the phone within 15 seconds of startup. I had 'sync landmarks on startup and shutdown' enabled, so on a hunch, I went into offline mode and started Maps. Sure enough, it started up just fine, and I was able to disable the syncing entirely. Since then, the program works fine for everything but navigation. I noticed the 'Landmarks' sync profile in the Sync and sync'd manually. Now, I can search for a location or choose a favourite, but as soon as I say 'Drive To...' Nokia Maps will crash and exit. It does not power down the entire phone now. I am not sure how to reproduce this on another phone, but I have the exact same problem each time I try to start maps. It may be unrelated, but it started occurring after a favourite failed to save on the website. [Maps version info] Maps v. 3.09wk03 b02 Map version
Posted: 27-08-2011 @ 10:04:30
you can save goggle maps
Posted: 17-08-2011 @ 16:36:00
u can save google maps
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 10:22:44
Switching Maps Offline, The application saves our data charges . In online mode, the maps downloads the area details and saves it.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 09:19:42
u can use it as a paper map and atleast u can find ur location on ur map too via GPS
Posted: 09-08-2011 @ 16:37:05