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what is the rank of the mobile Indian in mobile marketing?

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Percentage of mobile Web users who never or infrequently use the desktop Web Country Percentage mobile-only Country Percentage mobile-only Egypt 70% Indonesia 44% India 59% Thailand 32% South Africa 57% China 30% Ghana 55% US 25% Kenya 54% UK 22% Nigeria 50% Russia 19%
Posted: 06-03-2012 @ 17:40:57
List of countries by number of mobile phones in use 2 India 893,843,534 1,210,193,422[5] 74.15 Dec 2011 [6]
Posted: 02-03-2012 @ 09:51:44
Its very difficult to fetch you the exact rank of the mobile indian in mobile marketing. At the same time you can make the decision yourself after seeing the site traffic and global reach of the site. If you click the advertise option given at the bottom of the home page of the mobile indian you would find a page relating the success story of this site, how after its launch in january the site gained tremendous momentum and was quick in establishing customer rapport. From a mere 18k visitors during february this year the number of visitors surged to a brilliant 6.7 lakh in june. For furthering your research you take the google ad planner and type in the address to see the number of visitors, their country, whether they are subscribed by cookies, unique visitors etc. One good thing is that the average time spent on this site by a visitor is 5 minutes. The language here is the in the tone of not a professor but that of the common man but deep and rich in information. The site has sections for buy and sell, new phone launches, reviews of tablets and latest mobiles, question and answer section, telecom updates. The blog is updated frequently with rich text, images and most relevant information. Users come clamouring for more to this site since the details are exact and all new launches are duly attended to. A personal touch is found when it comes to reviews and that is what people seek, whether their hard earned money is going to be spent in the right direction or not. Overall people are scarcely disappointed after coming to this site, the drudgery of complicated terms and technical paraphrasing is a taboo here.
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Posted: 07-06-2011 @ 14:48:09
the rank of the mobile Indian in mobile Nokia and sumsung
Posted: 07-06-2011 @ 14:12:27
That sort of an interesting question. I think this should be anserwed by TheMobileIndian Team and not by Us.
Posted: 07-06-2011 @ 13:39:43
Rank 1
Posted: 07-06-2011 @ 13:23:53