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what is the process of increse your mobile bettery backup ??????

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Posted: 21-01-2015 @ 19:34:09
Never overcharge the battery never wait until the mobile shows battery empty use power mode on in nokia available for some devices according to me which helps in battery long life
Posted: 07-05-2012 @ 18:24:49
Daily 2hours of charging at morning and evening .Charge when battery low indication is given
Posted: 05-05-2012 @ 16:44:15
Turn the phone off. This will probably be the most effective and simple way of conserving your battery’s power. Why? This will help conserve energy and also charge your phone. If you don't plan on answering the phone while you're sleeping or after business hours, just turn it off. Do the same if you are in an area with no reception (such as a subway or remote area, since constantly searching for service depletes the battery fairly quickly.) Some phones have an automatic power save feature, but it takes about 30 minutes with no service to kick in. By then, much battery power has been used. If you don't need to receive or make calls but are using a smartphone as a PDA, disable the phone functionality (flight mode).
Posted: 25-08-2011 @ 16:08:15
Sometimes, you’re far from your charger and won’t be back anytime soon. Here are some tips to extend your battery when it’s running low. Not all of these tips will apply to all phones, so use the ones that match the features on your phone. If your phone, camera or other gadgets frequently run out of power while you’re away from an outlet, consider an economical backup battery charger. Turn Off 3G and Data Most data capable phones can operate in different modes. If you turn off the high-speed wireless data mode, such as 3G, you will significantly reduce the power your phone consumes. This is the single biggest thing I find affects battery consumption. Dim the Screen The screen’s backlight uses a lot of power, keeping it off as much as possible will extend battery life. On the iPhone, press the top button, on many BlackBerrys, press ALT + ENTER to lock the keyboard and shutoff the screen. If your phone has an option to adjust the brightness, dim it. If it has auto-brightness, enable it. If you can set an “auto off” time then set it to the shortest time allowed. Text Message Instead of Calling If you can get away with communicating by text message, this can save power too. Although, it does require your screen, so short messages are better. These messages are embedded in the signals that your phone is already sending and receiving to normally communicate with the mobile network, even when you’re not using the phone, so it’s a very efficient way to communicate. Turn Wifi and Bluetooth Off Wifi and Bluetooth are great conveniences, but when you’re away from your charger and worried about losing phone capabilities, they’re a luxury that can go. Most phones with these features, have an option to disable them. Don’t Play Games or Music Well designed mobile phone processors have a low power mode that sips power when the phone is waiting for incoming calls in standby mode. Playing games requires the processor to work at its limit, which requires a lot more energy than standby mode. The same goes for playing music, especially if they’re compressed, high bit-rate or encrypted or drm protected music files — extra processing is needed to process these files and power the headphones or internal speaker. Stop Background Apps Some background apps use more power than others, it really comes down to the hardware in the phone the app is using (ex GPS) and how processor intensive the activity is. Generally, if you’re trying to save power, closing the apps you don’t need can save power. This mostly applies to BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile devices.
Posted: 25-08-2011 @ 13:08:45
Charge ur battery till it shows battery full and never use it while charging. Dont charge it partially. Thus u can increase ur battery backup............IF U purchase a new battery dont start it immidiately..first put the battery in ur phone and charge it for atleast 2 hours without switching on the phone. It increase ur battery backup to a great extent............good luck.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 22:35:26
always charge your battery when it is totally empty. This will help you to increase your battery life.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 11:57:37
when you are not using mobile(in night) keep it in flight mode. batter power more required for networking. make all types of sounds like message tone, keypad tone application tone off.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 11:26:53