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what is the difference between a smart phone and an iphone?

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The term smart phone came about when phones became more powerful in processing terms. At this point they became more like computers running more complicated applications as well as applications written by just about anyone. The iPhone is just a smart phone made by Apple. Apple produce the hardware and operating system of the phone. This gives them complete control. They have their own app store where applications are vetted before being allowed on. Personally I use an iPhone (3GS with 32GB memory), mainly because I liked the iPod and only wanted to carry one device around with me. Since the iPhone is also an iPod it is very good at playing music. I also believe that Apple generally make their product very easy to use. Although I work in I.T. and can work complicated systems I don’t want the hassle when it comes to my phone. The iPhone is probably more expensive compared to other phones with similar features. Contrary to the answer by “Hugh J” iPhones can run more than one application at a time. The software was upgrade sometime ago to support this. If you are getting a new iPhone you certainly don’t need to worry about this. Generally I’d say my iPhone is durable enough, but I keep it in a sleeve and treat it well. I’ve drop it a few times and some cracks are developing on the plastic back but it works fine and is nearly 2 years old. I’ve seen a few broken screens on other people’s iPhones though. Glass screens are harder to scratch but more likely to shatter. Aside from getting a good case for your phone and using a screen protector you could go for a specifically tough phone. I don’t know much about the Motorola Defy but it looks pretty tough.
Posted: 07-03-2012 @ 17:23:53
The question which you are asking is akin to the asking the difference between flowers and sunflower. The former is a group and the latter a member in the group. Just like sunflowers, rose,jasmine and daisy have different colours,smells and even uses they all are called flowers. Even though they all look different and sometimes contrasting features you can never disagree on the fact that all of these are flowers. Similarly there are many kinds of smart phones available the world over some of the manufactured by nokia, some by samsung others by micromax and still others by apple all of them are smart phones. The i phone is a smart phone manufactured by the company owned by apple. Smart phones are said to be high end devices combining the functions of mobiles and personal digital assistants. They are generally said to be possessing high computing abilities. Instead of hosting a simple firmware like j2me they support fully developed mobile operating system like ios(i phone) android ginger bread, meego, windows7 etc. Such as different os impart different capabilities to different computers like good processing, faster gaming or internet support they do the same in mobiles. Android is rumored to have the best processors while windows7 will be known for its software strength. Symbian has the advantage of several years of development but all of them are used in smart phones.
Posted: 08-09-2011 @ 10:59:34
iPhone is a multimedia, Internet-enabled mobile phone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It has a multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone and a portable media player ("iPod"), in addition to text messaging and visual voicemail. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a quad-band mobile phone that uses the GSM standard, hence has international capability. It supports the Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) data technology. Following the success of iPod, Apple announced the iPhone in January 2007. The announcement was preceded by rumors and speculations that circulated for several months. The iPhone was introduced, first in the United States on June 29, 2007 with much media frenzy and then in the United Kingdom, Germany and France in November 2007. It was named Time magazine's Invention of the Year in 2007.[4]A new version of Apple's iPhone is expected to be introduced in 2008 that is capable of operating on faster 3G cellular networks A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobile phone, often with PC-like functionality. There is no industry standard definition of a smartphone[1][2]. For some, a smartphone is a phone that runs complete operating system software providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers[3][4]. For others, a smartphone is simply a phone with advanced features
Posted: 08-09-2011 @ 10:48:02
Smartphones combine cellphones and PDAs into a single device that offers much of the same functionality as a basic computer. An iPhone is a type of smartphone. The iPhone offers many of the advanced features found on competing devices, but it also differs from other smartphones on the market.The iPhone runs the iOS operating system, or OS. Other smartphone operating systems include Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows. The iOS runs solely on the iPhone, while other operating systems, such as Android, are available on multiple brands of cellphones. The iOS includes multitasking, folders and tethering that allows other devices to share the phone’s Internet connection, but similar features are available with other mobile operating systems as well. One difference is that although iOS can be “hacked,” it doesn’t allow the same level of customization and programming as the systems that run other smartphones.The iPhone connects to Apple’s App store, which offers thousands of applications for use on the iPhone. Programmers must use a special set of developer tools to make the apps, and many have at least a small fee for use. Other operating systems don’t require the use of propriety software for application development. Despite this requirement, and the stipulation that Apple approve the program, as of the time of publication the iPhone has the widest selection of applications available and is the only phone with advanced video editing capabilities.The first four versions of the iPhone must be synchronized with a personal computer and iTunes. An iPhone user needs a Mac or a Windows-based computer and an iTunes account. This sets it apart from the majority of smartphones on the market, since other phones don’t require a computer to set up and use the phone. The release of iOS 5 changes this requirement, allowing those without computers to own the iPhone.
Posted: 08-09-2011 @ 08:34:11
sir, An iPhone is a type of smart phone. Other smart phones include Droid, Blackberry, Palm, plus others. Smart phones all have the following features in common: - High-res color touch screen - User-installable apps - High speed Internet (3G or 4G, Wi-Fi) - GPS, compass, accelerometer - Some smart phones have real keyboards, others (like iPhone) only have on-screen keyboards Durability depends on the specific phone model - the iPhone is probably among the more durable of all smart phones because it's metal and glass instead of plastic, but there are other smart phones that are like that too
Posted: 11-08-2011 @ 21:27:07
The IPhone is an Apple product - a brand name... and a smartphone is any phone running a mobile operating system. Also all iphones are smartphones but all smartphone are not iPhone
Posted: 21-06-2011 @ 11:13:19
A Smartphone is a phone which uses a high-tech processor and huge memory space to support a large number of applications and provide many other features and facilities. An I-Phone is also a smartphone but copyright of APPLE Inc. only I-Phone uses its own OS i.e. iOS whereas other smartphones use their respective Os as designed by their respective manufacturers like ANDROID, BADA,SYMBIAN,etc.
Posted: 20-06-2011 @ 17:48:24
All iphones are smartphones but all smartphone are not iPhone! iPhone runs on iOS and made by Apple Inc, while Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, HP, Acer, Dell, everyone sells their own smartphones.
Posted: 14-06-2011 @ 08:28:10
both have same properties except 3g
Posted: 12-06-2011 @ 19:18:03

A smartphone is pone which is fast, really good and easy to use as well. Also which can support to differnet applications for your need. Whcih has all the feature that you may feel the need of. i Mean a smartphone is a complete package in itself. If i am not wong even Apple iPhone is the smartphone. It is fast, cool and also very user friendly. iPhone comes under the category of Smartphone. So for me there is no diff between the two as iPhone is also covered under smartphone category.
Posted: 11-06-2011 @ 14:17:50