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what is Main difference between 3G & 2G

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main differences between 3G from 2G Bit rates up to 2 Mbps
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 16:49:21

2G built around class x switches and 64 kbps slots where data rate is limited to 64 kpbs whereas 3G the backbone slightly to allow a full T1 or E1 or J1 to be consumed by a subscriber, its goes upto 21 Mbps
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 15:38:10
1. GSM uses TDMA technology with narrowband 200Khz. To make a call, each user must occupy a frequency. This is reason of interference as well as limited frequency resource during frequeny planning when expanded coverage. 2. 3G (WCDMA) use CDMA technology with broadband 5Mhz, the same frequency carrier, time and division following code. Hence, the speed is increased as well as intererence of frequency do not happen. In addition, there are many thing that describe the difference between 2 technical. You can download document from internet or buy book to research. It is realy interesting.
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 15:30:42
3g has high speed internet , video calling specialities which 2g does not have.
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 15:20:50
3g has high speed internet, video calling, like specialities which 2g does not have
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 15:17:50
3G has high data rate and 2G has low data rate .3G is mainly used for fast internet browsing when compared to 2G and it also supports video calling i have personally experienced that when i put a 3g sim in a 2g phone the phone was hanged and it was showing as invalid sim
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 13:15:58
in 2g it is just calling the other one only for voice and in 3g dialled person can call other for voice and video it is just than 2g
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 12:25:00