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touch screen mobile and keypad mobile in both which is better for long time.

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Nowadays Touch screen Mobile phones are grabbing the market but people tells ... Better to have keypad because of i am familiar already in using it but then i do ... be used for a long time unlike those touchscreen phones which is really fragile. ... I do prefer keypads, since it has been trusted ever since, but I do own both.
Posted: 31-03-2012 @ 17:24:09
as per new generation peoples thought they will go for touch screen mobile but better for long time i will suggest for keypad mobile its like that old is gold...
Posted: 02-10-2011 @ 05:29:32
If you want a mobile phone for heavy texting - be it e-mails, SMS or even heavy twitting, a full QWERTY device is your best bet. If you like the touchscreen feature and also prefer a keypad then there are several mix-n-match options. You have touchscreens with standardkeypads and QWERTY keypads depending on yourtexting needs; If more texting then QWERTY and ifless, then keypad.
Posted: 30-09-2011 @ 23:16:23
keypad mobile is better for long time
Posted: 04-09-2011 @ 16:18:12
keypad mobile is better for long time
Posted: 17-07-2011 @ 20:35:22
keypad is best for long time
Posted: 15-07-2011 @ 13:10:14
i will suggest e6 or e7 as they have both of the worlds mixed perfectly in them it can be only termed as per usage as how do feel comfortable to use your mobile touch or type
Posted: 11-07-2011 @ 15:58:07
keypad mobile is the best for long time use. If u want to buy skin touch and type then us should buy nokia touch and type and price of it arround 7500rs.
Posted: 11-07-2011 @ 13:06:11
best is keypad mobile,some mobile support keypad and touchscreen that shuld be better for u
Posted: 08-07-2011 @ 11:06:09
Keypad mobile is best for long life.
Posted: 05-07-2011 @ 14:15:25
better to buy nokia E7 with touchscreen and keyboard or to buy nokia n97 mini.
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 19:44:28