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nokia 808 is have 41mg camara and its only for 33k. What you say it's better buy that or i must go for lumia 800?.

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Posted: 21-01-2015 @ 19:31:46
I my suggestion u should buy nokia lumia 808 not lumia 800, cause it has a camera of 41 megapixel and is better for u if u need a phone more for taking good picks..... Also u can play flash games in it, it has good bluetooth of 3.0 version, and has screen resolution 800x480.... I can't tell u too much things but u can compare Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 808 at '' THE MOBILE INDIAN'S COMPARE TAB ''.....
Posted: 16-09-2012 @ 20:58:00
REASONS TO BUY NOKIA 808 PureView : High resolution 41 MP.. Includes an FM transmitter Listen to music through your car stereo without cables.. Adobe Flash support Many games and videos on the Internet require Adobe Flash Memory card Micro SD NFC Support Enables payment by phone and other wireless communications Video output Display pictures and video on TVs or other devices Full HD 1080p @ 30fps.. Better bluetooth support 3.0.. Long standby time 22.5 days.. Average sized screen 4.0"....REASONS TO BUY NOKIA LUMNIA 800 : Very sharp screen 252 PPI.. Average weight 142 g.. Long talk time 9.5 hours.. Thin 12 mm.. Average size 61x116x12 mm.. Average resolution screen 800x480.. Fast processor 1.4 GHz.. Average battery capacity 1,450 mAh..Winner: 808 PureView... Photo & Video 10.0 vs 8.3 Winner: 808 PureView . *. The 808 PureView has a Micro HDMI video output connector to display pictures or video on TVs orother devices, Micro HDMI vs None *. Shoots higher resolution FullHD (1080p) video, 1080p @ 30fps vs 720p @ 30fps Screen 5.7 vs 6.6 Winner: Lumia 800. *. Around 40% crisper display of text, images and video, 252 PPI vs 183 PPI *. Around 70% higher resolution screen, 800x480 vs 360x640 Processing power 7.1 vs 7.9 Winner: Lumia 800 *. More powerful processor, snappier and more responsive (around 10% faster), 1.4 GHz vs 1.3 GHz Size 6.2 vs 6.8 Winner: Lumia 800. *. Around 20% lighter, 142 g vs 169 g *. More than 10% thinner, 12 mm vs 14 mm *. Around 20% smaller, 61x116x12 mm vs 60x123x13 mm Battery 4.0 vs 4.5 Winner: Lumia 800. *. Around 50% more talk time per battery charge, 9.5 hours vs 6.5 hours *. Almost the same, 1,450 mAh vs 1,400 mAh Storage 3.3 vs 3.3 Too close to call. *. More internal storage than most for storing music, photos and movies Keyboard & keypad 1.0 vs 1.0 Too close to call. *. Both have wifi hotspots for wireless tethering *. Both have fairly fast wifi support Overall 6.4 vs 5.9....So, I suggest u to go for 'PUREVIEW 808'. Best of luck.......
Posted: 08-09-2012 @ 15:48:34
See as both the phones are damn good.,bt their specifications are different that will exactly depends upon the features and functionality. Moreover,its upto you also that your budget is near by 35k or 25k. But this 41 megapixel camera will give you more than nothing.
Posted: 04-09-2012 @ 17:02:54
go for 800 you don't just buy a phone only for a camera . for that there are camera out there at very low rates. Go for performance. I will recommend you to go for Android as it is better than window 7.5 mango and lumia is not going to get further updates to wp8 go for HTC one s or Samsung galaxy s2
Posted: 20-08-2012 @ 01:25:10