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my friend is using a phone. when i receive call from him i could hear his tone in a different way like a lady is talking. whats the problem?

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Call manager apps coming with bultin answer matchien with deferent sound and other voice operation ,and other fact is an vas service in docomo sim could make voice changer,
Posted: 06-07-2011 @ 01:22:58
There is a function known as "Voice Changer"...he might have activated it ...using the voice changer you can make your voice sound like a baby,girl,a grown up man ...etc etc...
Posted: 05-07-2011 @ 10:21:22
There may be many reasons for this. Like a Cross Connection or may be you have mistyped the number and stored it or even your friend may be playing a prank on you.
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 21:48:54
there is a speaker problem or now a days there are many different software are available to change a voice...............
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 20:13:04
may be there could be cross connection in network or there could be a problem with the phone.
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 19:55:23
This is not a problem. In some Mobile Phones there will be some softwares installed in it. Then this kind of thing will happen like tone changing like lady child old women and so on.
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 12:18:56