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is wifi important in phone

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Nemo, To answer your further info. That Phone does have "WiFi connectivity". The WiFi bundle they are trying to sell you for £7.50p/m is for to access their own WiFi HotSpot Network called "The Cloud" and not ALL hotspots... You can still access ordinary WiFi HotSpots for FREE. The Data bundle they are offering you for £10p/m is specific to that phone and uses the BlackBerry Internet Service and is capped at 200Mb per month. If you "accidently" end up using the WAP service on your phone (which happens a lot funnily enough due to O2's settings) then you'll be charged standard data price on o2. I can't see they have any WAP data plans for that phone... Also, I hate BlackBerry's! *ADD* What do you mean by "add on"? To get WiFi you'll need a new phone that has WiFi Technology. Most modern phones can connect to the net but not via WiFi. There are two ways to use the internet on modern phones WiFi and the usual 3G and 3G HSDPA . WiFi enabled phones such as the SE W995 and the Nokia N97 allow you to use WiFi hot-spots that are popping up all over the place for Free. Most Coffee shops, McDonald's, Many bars etc have them plus you can use your own Broadband at home and borrow any insecure WiFi connections around (not that I condone that). However that is it, You can ONLY use WiFI when in a WiFi Hot-spot. The other and more common way is using your phone and networks 3G capability. While the use of WiFi is free, You will be charged (usually a lot) to use the Internet via your network. Most providers now offer Internet data packages whereby you can get "unlimited" download for x pounds per month or they are already included in your Tariff as so many Mbs or some offer Unlimited (although check the small print on that). If using the internet via your mobile is important to you and you need access to it at all times and in all places then this is the option for you. I personally have WiFi on my phone but I also have a data package with my network as it gives greater freedom and I don't have to worry about finding a Hot-spot.
Posted: 03-05-2011 @ 15:21:14
in case of smart phones it is important as wi-fi reduces the offload
Posted: 03-05-2011 @ 10:14:36
wi-is importent in mobile.because it was the only way to use high speed internet for free of cost. Internet cafe,companies, coffee shops, Libraries, campus, Hotels, colleges, universities, , private institutes etc are some of the free wi-fi hot spots.
Posted: 03-05-2011 @ 08:39:30
no but when we need the internet connection fast and smooth then only we need it
Posted: 02-05-2011 @ 22:24:09
Yes, wifi would be one of the most important feature of the phone if you are in the wifi zone and don't want to spend money for the internet connectivity.
Posted: 02-05-2011 @ 19:57:36