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is it possible to use any other sim card in CDMA handeset?

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Answers (11)
u can use only cdma sim in cdma handset. . . .like tataindicom,reliance cdma,virgin. . . .u can't use gsm sim in those handsets
Posted: 29-02-2012 @ 15:05:29
Yes only CDMA sim card for these you. have break the. the. lock of your handset
Posted: 29-02-2012 @ 12:26:53
is it possible to change over from Reliance CDMA to MTNL CDMA under Mobile Number Portability. how is the network of MTNL CDMA. will the handset of Reliance CDMA have to be changed while change over or it can be used for MTNL CDMA.
Posted: 28-02-2012 @ 15:16:40
Is it possible to use normal SIM cards or only CDMA based ones in Nokia ... Both works on different technology and are not compatable with each other. ... felt that the slot in the Nokia handset should be for a GSM sim card
Posted: 28-02-2012 @ 12:08:28
Yes! In this world nothing is impossibe!
Posted: 10-06-2011 @ 14:33:20
SIM card is a totally GSM-thing. What you can use RUIM card of other CDMA operator in unlocked/OMH(open market handset) CDMA mobile.
Posted: 09-06-2011 @ 20:26:20
No it cant be possible when You unlock u can use only CDMA sim of other networks but not GSM sims
Posted: 08-06-2011 @ 14:18:53
you can use any CDMA SIM in CDMA PHONES (after unlocked)
Posted: 08-06-2011 @ 12:36:48
Yes but not GSM
Posted: 03-06-2011 @ 07:04:38
yes it is possible when CDMA sim lock has beeb broked , like CDMA Modem ,
Posted: 01-06-2011 @ 00:55:14
No it is not possible.
Posted: 31-05-2011 @ 10:07:08