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is ip address is same for all systems?

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Connected With protocal address ..And access type...
Posted: 16-05-2011 @ 05:31:39
no it is unique
Posted: 29-04-2011 @ 00:16:03
no!! IP adress is like ur mobile phone number... it tells the location and identity of computer from which ur accessing the internet...but as @novel said, a category of softwares called IP SPOOFING softwares r avaible on net, that will hide ur ip and show a random, different 1... bt dat doesn't work for wired broadband connections since they register ur computer with a particular ip and won't allow u access the net if ip is changed or rather spoofed!! bt in case of things lyk Tata Photon+/Reliance net connect, everytime u plug out and plug in the modem, the ip changes!!!!!!
Posted: 23-04-2011 @ 17:10:49
no it differs with protocol address......
Posted: 18-04-2011 @ 07:22:05
no man IP address means a unique ID generated when an internet connection is connected to a system. there is no way it can be same. but as per i know there are software which can help us use the ip address of another connection but again that would be like hacking. ip address are like a fingerprint
Posted: 17-04-2011 @ 23:44:53 is differnt for different devices.
Posted: 16-04-2011 @ 02:00:15
Posted: 15-04-2011 @ 20:22:04
no will be different
Posted: 15-04-2011 @ 20:08:30
Posted: 15-04-2011 @ 19:49:21
Posted: 15-04-2011 @ 18:20:34